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Thomson Airways first to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Recession? What recession? Fasten your seat belts for a smoother, quieter and more sustainable flying experience
• Affordable long haul holidays for everyone
• Exciting new far flung holiday destinations not available before
• Broadband access and HD entertainment
• More legroom in long-haul economy than any other European leisure airline
• Bar area with unlimited fresh fruit smoothies and mineral water onboard
Its investment and innovation times for all businesses - Thomson Airways will be the first UK airline to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and will take delivery in January 2012. Airlines are investing in new machines, media in pay walls and travellers are in for a great experience all round. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner represents a new generation of aircraft. It sets the highest standards, offers greater efficiency, increased customer comfort and well-being, plus an overall reduction of carbon emissions.

The comfortable interior of the brand new Thomson Airways Boeing Dreamliner 787
The new aircraft’s emphasis is on passenger comfort and well-being. Its new composite fuselage structure enables lower altitude cabin pressure – 6,000ft as opposed to the standard 8,000ft – leading to less travel related headaches, sickness and fatigue. Its use of advanced materials also means higher cabin humidity which reduces symptoms of dryness and dehydration, which in turn reduces symptoms of jet lag.

TUI Travel PLC and Thomson Airways will transform long haul travel for its customers The new aircraft allows Thomson Airways, the airline for Thomson and First Choice holidays, to offer its customers unrivalled levels of comfort with more personal space: improved wellbeing through the overall flight experience; and a new range of long haul destinations. This major investment in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft continues and extends Thomson’s focus on the customer experience, wellbeing and affordable choice.
Thomson Airways is taking a total of eight aircraft and will be the first UK airline to fly the Dreamliner. TUI Travel PLC, Europe’s leading travel company and parent company of Thomson Airways, is taking a further five, making thirteen aircraft across the Group.
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner, is being welcomed as the greatest advance in aviation history since the development of Concorde in early 1970. Onboard customers will travel in style and enjoy a totally new flight experience. Having already raised the standards in long haul charter travel with more legroom in economy than BA and Virgin Atlantic, Thomson Airways is, through the Dreamliner again taking customer comfort to a totally new level. It promises to offer more personal space onboard the Dreamliner by committing to offer customers more legroom in long haul economy that any other European leisure airline.
The Dreamliner will reduce the symptoms of jet lag associated with long flights due to its unique lighting system which recreates the sunrise and sunset of its final destination alongside higher humidity levels in the cabin. Thomson Airways will also be using aromatherapy fragrances onboard the Dreamliner to ensure customers feel relaxed and refreshed and a bar area will also provide customers with unlimited fresh fruit smoothies and mineral water – a first in the UK charter market. Following recent research, Thomson Airways found that 43% of people would definitely consider flying long haul for a week’s holiday if symptoms of jet lag were reduced. The airline believes this will lead to a growth in consumer demand for shorter duration long haul holidays.

Thomson Airways will also be the first airline to offer broadband access on the 787 in the UK coupled with HD standard in-flight entertainment and up to 1,000 hours to choose from. The aircrafts unique composite structure also means it is 20% more fuel efficient than competitors and allows Thomson Airways to offer affordable long haul holidays to more far flung destinations. These destinations might include Borneo, Madagascar, Namibia, Buenos Aires, Cambodia, Ecuador, Vietnam and Honolulu with direct flights from Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol. Honolulu was rated as the most popular new long haul destination (75%) in a recent survey by the airline.

Peter Long, CEO of TUI Travel PLC, speaking about the Dreamliner says:
“As a leading travel company, it is only natural that we take the lead in the future of air travel. With Dreamliner, not only will our customers experience unparalleled levels comfort and a greater sense of wellbeing, we are entering a new era of long haul travel with this aircraft, making it accessible and affordable to all. We will take the pre-eminent position in the long haul charter market.As an environmentally responsible travel company, the introduction of the Dreamliner is another major step in the TUI Travel PLC’s sustainability programme.”

Chris Browne, Managing Director Thomson Airways commenting says: “It is a bold decision and a major coup for us to be the UK launch airline for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which will totally change the way our customers fly. We have a strong track record in innovation having transformed the way people enjoy long haul flights five years ago when we revolutionised the chartered long haul experience. Now we are doing it again taking levels of comfort, experience and reach to a whole new level.”
The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner will mean passengers enjoy:
• Reduced symptoms of jetlag – The Dreamliner is fitted with a unique LED lighting system which recreates the sunrise and sunset of the passenger’s destination. Passengers are gradually eased into the time zone change which reduces travel fatigue.

Chris Brown, Managing Director, Thomson Airways

Higher humidity levels in the cabin, through the use of advanced materials, reduce symptoms of dryness and dehydration which can cause jet leg.
• Reduced travel-related fatigue - Whilst current airliners are pressurized to 8000 ft, the air pressure inside the Dreamliner is equivalent to 6000 ft, allowing 8% more oxygen to be absorbed into the blood meaning passengers experience fewer headaches and less dizziness and fatigue.
• Large windows and controllable light –the windows on the Dreamliner are three times bigger than the average aircraft windows (27x47cm) which will effectively allow every passenger a view of the horizon. Electric dimmers on all windows mean passengers can determine the degree of light they let in.
• Good for nervous fliers/ air sick customers – The Dreamliner’s unique system senses air pressure differences and turbulence in advance and then adjusts itself to minimise and iron out any unwelcome side effects. This results in a reduction in motion sickness of up to eight times and a much smoother ride all round.
• More Personal Space – Wider aisles and seats than any other aircraft means passengers can move around more freely.
• Breathe cleaner air - The cleanest atmosphere/air of any commercial aircraft due to the advanced filtration system.
• A quieter ride - due to quieter engines and state-of-the-art aerodynamics

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