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The World’s Most Exclusive Members-Only Clubs

Tulchan Club, Scotland: It is all about belonging to a decent club and doing something you enjoy.

Our latest review of Members-Only Clubs is Tulchan Club in the Scottish Highlands. Clubs like Tulchan are not to be “sniffed-at”. These clubs are prestigious, require a membership, and have usually existed for a long time. They often have had royal or noble connections. Money and lineage are usually the tickets in as well as a hefty dose of social capital. Some of them are known for being the grounds of the most successful multi-million-pound business agreements. Others play host to some of the best sporting activities.

Tulchan Club on Scotland’s 120-year-old 22,000-acre Victorian hunting estate share two key characteristic of most exclusive members-only clubs; absolute exclusivity and intense privacy. The newly-launched Tulchan Club will be welcoming its first Members on 1st September 2018 following a change of ownership of the Estate. The Club has something new to offer shooting and fishing enthusiasts. It is not just about the fabric, though there is a lot boast about in that direction too; it is about attention to detail and the quality of service provided.

The historic Tulchan Estate was once a playground to many royal guests including King Edward Vll, King George V and King George Vl, reflecting its reputation as one of the best sporting estates in Great Britain. The Estate offers a myriad of sporting pursuits on acres of private land from grouse shooting, Roe deer stalking and salmon fishing on the River Spey. The whole river system and its tributaries is carefully managed to ensure that Tulchan water continues to offer unforgettable fishing for both salmon and sea trout. The Estate is also renowned for its world-class pheasant shooting.

Membership starts at GBP95,000 a year and are limited to a maximum of 25. These 25 members will primarily be shooting enthusiasts who will be able to entertain up 28 of their own friends and family in a newly-refurbished luxurious 14-bedroom Scottish Lodge.

Ideally, we are talking about private membership here, however, if you are considering a corporate membership, there may be some tax benefits for both the employer and employee depending on what you report to HM Revenue and Customs (HRMC), who arranges the membership and who pays the Club. Tulchan Club is for those who really want to up the ante on joining a Members-Only Club. Not only do you need to be keen on shooting, but it also helps if you know a thing or two about fishing. If you have exceptional penchant for good food and an unreasonable love for the countryside, this one's for you.

Applications for Membership to the Tulchan Club are considered directly by the Club and where successful it will include exclusive access to shooting opportunities and the lodge.

Members’ Perks
No luxury is spared in membership perks with the provision of a luxurious 14-bedroom Lodge fully-loaded with household staff trained to provide members and their guests with a home away from home experience. A top chef will provide good food made from the best home-grown ingredients from the Tulchan Estate Farm, accompanied by excellent wine. The bar is bottomless so if wine is not your thing, there are many other choices at your disposal.

Relaxation comes in the form of a spa or a Barista Land Rover to complement your leisure walks on the beautiful grounds of the 22,000-acre Estate. There is no chance of feeling isolated, hungry, or ignored during your walks.

For those keen on fishing, Tulchan fishing is made up of eight miles of beautiful double bank salmon fishing on the world-renowned River Spey. The four six rod beats, which make up the fishing, are available to both members and non-members alike. Estate cottages and Knocktulchan, Tulchan’s smaller sister lodge, are available to rent for non-members with all catering requirements taken care of.

The Estate comprises of:
• 14 guest rooms
• Reception room
• Bar and the lounge
• Drawing Room
• Library
• 2 Dining rooms
• Cinema Room
• Wine Room
• Gun room
• Knocktulchan
• 6 Estate Cottages
• 22 pheasant beats
• 5 fishing lodges

Members can expect to enjoy:
• 2 shooting days for 8 guns with a maximum of 300 birds per day (pheasant & partridge). Each gun will be provided with a loader.
• Post Season Members’ dinner to be held in London in February/March.
• Shooting dates for the following season (i.e. Season 2 onwards) will be allocated at random at the post season dinner.
• First right of refusal to grouse shooting when available at a preferential rate for Members

  • First right of refusal to available salmon fishing at a preferential rate for Members
• Access to roe deer stalking
• Preferential rates at Ciekuri, a Latvian sporting estate, with wild boar, pheasant, duck and fishing (trout, pike and carp)
• Year-round secure storage facilities for sporting equipment TULCHAN
• Exclusive use of Tulchan Lodge for up to 28 in Tulchan Lodge and access to Knocktulchan Lodge with accommodation for 12.
• The Club is available at Christmas and New Year by special arrangement only
• Transport to and from the airports/train station to the Lodge. Estate cars available for Members when at the Lodge.
• All food and non-alcoholic drinks
• Alcohol available at a Club rate
• Daily excursions or activities for non-shooting guests
• Hampers with produce from the Estate
• Year-round concierge service in relation to Tulchan Club, London restaurants, private members’ clubs and high-profile events
• Benefits with partner brands
• Use of the spa & gym

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