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Travel Insurance - Don't travel without one

Research shows that single trip travel insurance could be many times cheaper than annual cover

You will also need travel insurance, including medical cover, to complement the cover provided under the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) scheme.

Independent financial research company Defaqto’s latest travel insurance report suggests that consumers who take one holiday this year would be better off buying a single trip travel insurance policy than an annual policy.
According to Defaqto Head of Research Brian Brown, “…it makes sense to buy a policy to cover what you actually need and by so doing, if you’re only going to take one holiday in a year then a single trip travel insurance policy could work out up to 147%* cheaper than an annual policy.”

The table below shows the average cost of single trip and annual travel insurance policies:
Travel insurance type Average cost of single trip travel insurance policy for 17 days cover Average cost of annual travel insurance policy Average additional cost of an annual policy
Europe - individual £18.65 £46.05 £27.40 (+147%)
Europe – family of 4 £40.14 £82.87 £42.73 (+106%)
USA - individual £40.89 £67.74 £26.85 (+66%)
USA – family of 4 £88.05 £119.66 £31.61 (+36%)
More information is available via www.defaqto.com/stars

Always check with the insurance company that the insurance you are paying for covers all the activities you anticipate to participate in are covered in your policy.It is essential to buy the right travel insurance before you go on holiday. You need to make sure you have the right travel insurance for where you are going, and know exactly what is in your travel insurance policy.

Otherwise you could pay a huge financial penalty if things go horribly wrong. When choosing your service provider, compare more than just the price. You will need to take into consideration other benefits like the cover itself, the exclusions on the cover and other product features.

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