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Be aware of Travellers Diarrhoea (TD)

From September, a new antibiotic to treat Travellers Diarrhoea (TD) will be licensed for use in the UK. Whilst it won’t be available on the NHS, it will be available to travellers as a ‘stand by’ treatment to be prescribed before they travel by a Private GP or a travel clinic. The antibiotic has already been licensed for use in the USA and other countries.

Travel medicine specialist Dr. Richard Dawood*, explains Travellers Diarrhoea and offers advice on how best to manage or avoid it. Read full article here

1. Speak with your GP, specialist travel clinic or your company’s health provider before you travel and get their advice – especially if you’re travelling to a resource-poor country because as well as the risk of diarrhoea, you may be at risk of other illnesses such as malaria
2. Wash hands with soap and warm water as frequently as possible – before meals and after lavatory trips, or use alcohol gel or hand sanitiser. Don’t touch your mouth unless you’re sure your hands are clean
3. Don’t consume tap water or ice unless it’s made with bottled water
4. When hygiene is poor, the following options are most likely to be safe:
• Freshly, thoroughly cooked food, served hot (i.e. heat sterilized)
• Fruit easily peeled or sliced open without contamination (bananas, papayas)
• Freshly baked bread
• Packaged or canned food (take emergency supplies)
• Bottled drinks opened in your presence - safest carbonated
• If there's nothing safe on the menu, ask for chips, omelettes, or any dish that must be cooked to order

*Dr. Richard Dawood is based at the Fleet Street Clinic, London EC4Y

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