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Good Sporting Destinations  

Today's sports and travel activities include directors' attractive golf destinations, VIP suites at football matches, polo, luxury motor yachting, diving, skiing, hiking and lots more. Our staff have assembled key sports and travel information on many choice destinations. We have also kept up with football clubs to find out what is on offer 'corporates'; we have collaborated with sports and travel destinations to give you a wide selection which can be experienced on their own for holiday purposes or while on corporate retreat. Need to book an event for a group? Email us.

England flies Virgin for the World Cup
When England's World Cup Squad left for South Africa on the evening of 3 June, Virgin Atlantic CEO, Steve Ridgway was there to see the squad fly on his company's aircraft. The special Virgin Atlantic charter flight to Johannesburg carried the England World Cup team and FA Officials including former England Internation footballer, Glen Hoddle.

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