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What makes a good spa destination

What makes a good spa destination?
With the term ‘to spa’ within everyone’s reach, we can afford to be choosy about which spa we visit and all this depends on how well we are received. Executive Traveller looks at some of the things that make a good spa destination.

1. Good spa destinations should make you feel relaxed at first sight:
Most business travellers are usually very exhausted from travelling frequently so the idea of going off to a spa should be for relaxation and if the place does not make you feel like you can relax in it at first sight; it is certainly the wrong place for you.
2. Goods spa destinations should have great free options apart from treatment rooms.
What good is a spa that does not have one or several steam rooms, a Hamman, sauna, pool, a well-equipped gym, a spacious relaxation room with adequate supply of drinking water? Some spas focus too much on the treatment rooms and overlook the bigger picture.
3. Good spa destinations must have therapists who make you feel peacefully pampered:
It does not matter how long a time you spend in the treatment room, good spas don't break the spa spell; you want to be instantly and calmly transported into of spa heaven. We love a tranquil ambience with gorgeous things to soothe and comfort you, like soothing music, soft lighting, beautiful images of smooth grey pebbles, a gentle bubbling of cascading water and white towels so fluffy you could jump on them and bounce. So your spa must be authentic.
In the same vein, it can be annoying when therapists feel that they need to have a conversation with you. They need to be friendly, calm, soothing, polite and respectful to you. They should be attentive - listening carefully and explaining their chosen approach and after that they can go quiet and let you really relax if that's what you prefer.
You may not want your therapist firing too many questions at you, or breaking the ‘spa spell’ At the same time, we don’t like being left alone for ages ‘to take some time out’ – you’re in a spa to be pampered, not ignored. Brief breaks are fine, but leave it too long and guests can soon feel ripped off. Good spas don’t burst your bubble – they get the details right so you float out all warm and fuzzy.
4. Good spa therapists are not clock watchers:
Some therapists are so conscious of “penny pinching” to the extent that the client feels like they are on a production line with a clock-watching therapist whose main objective is to finish your treatment in a horribly short period of time so she can move on to the next customer.
A spa is the ultimate indulgence; so you need to believe for every sumptuous second that you’re the centre of the universe. This means everybody in ‘team spa’ should make you feel like a VIP – not just the therapists, but receptionists and pool attendants too. You want to feel that everyone in that spa is devoted to your wellbeing. It is all in the service. Naturally your therapist must be the most professional of all.
5. Good hotel spas should be open to guests and non-guests:
Hotels with spas should know that one of the main reasons that guests select them as their destinations is because they have a spa so to decide that guests should pay to have access to the spa is a bad sales move. We once visited a luxury hotel in Spain which expected guests to pay to use the spa even the steam rooms and the spa remained virtually empty throughout our stay except for the odd treatments.
6. Good spas are spacious:
You do not want to go to a spa destination and find that there is not enough spa space for guests to adequately enjoy the shared facilities. The spa should have good choices of shared facilities such as steam rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pools etc and guest should not feel “cramped-in” during the process.
7. Good spas play soothing music:
Spa music can set the tone for relaxation. The wrong music can turn the whole relaxation idea into a nightmare.
8. Good spas should have a signature treatment:
Spa treatments are the services that a spa provides. By offering a signature treatment, the spa becomes a unique destination and clients will go back if they like the signature treatment because they would not expect to find it anywhere else. The most popular spa treatment is a massage.
9. Good spas should have a variety of treatment options:
Apart from the signature treatment, a good spa should have a variety of treatments available for guests to select from. We all go to the spa for different reasons.
10. Good spas should just make you feel wonderful:
Remember, a spa is the one place where it’s all about you - your comfort, goals and enjoyment. Good spas make you feel special.

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