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The Balneario de Alange in Badajoz, Spain - it is all about the water...
You think you have seen it all in the World of Spas, until you visit the Balneario de Alange in Badajoz, within the Extremadura region of Spain.

Balneario de Alange in Badajoz

This unique Spanish speaking very affordable spa resort has a unique Roman history. When you arrive at the spa, it is as if you have just entered a sanctuary of some sort; and perhaps quite right too because the Balneario de Alange is really a spa sanctuary. The quality of this spa isn't necessarily measured by square footage or even luxury, but rather in the quiet, practiced skill of its therapists, the variety and calibre of its treatments, and how guests feel at the end of their treatment.

Legend has it that the Spa has Roman origins and there is adequate evidence to prove this.
The garden therapeutic pool at Balneario de Alange

The most valuable thing in this spa is the water. This valuable source cannot be stolen because it has been flowing into these grounds since Roman times and has been the remedy for many ailments. The water in the Balneario de Alange in Badajoz has unique qualities. The story goes that it is historic, and its sheer existence is a mystery. Apparently, it originates from a medicinal mineral spring which was discovered in early years even before Roman times. There is evidence that the Romans used it too when they discovered its great therapeutic values.

This is not a myth and we were not disappointed with our visit. The Balneario de Alange is a very affordable authentic spa where what you see is what you get. Guests to the spa must first visit the reception which looks like a hospital reception. This is where the process is explained to you at registration. You are then given a booking slip with all the procedures that you have elected to do and thereafter led to the changing rooms to be guided from station to station. The process starts in the changing rooms where guests are given some flipflops, swimming caps and bathrobes as well as access to the changing rooms. Guests must always be accompanied by a treatment station supervisor. It is all about the water here, but you are not led to the water straight away. There are some breathing exercises to get out of the way first. Guests use a steam room or an inhalation station where an inhalation of spring water and medicinal oxygen is carried out to reduce bronchial spasticity and increases blood circulation. This particular session costs only 10 euros!

Therapy session at Balneario de Alange
Water jet treatment at Balneario de Alange

It is all about the water in the Balneario de Alange and since the water was declared of public use in 1869, the resort has enlarged its facilities and renewed its technologies of hydrotherapy. The water itself remains a mystery. It is authentic, inalterable, flows from the original source and continues to play the most prominent part in all the treatments.

Legend has it that the spa has Roman origins and there is adequate evidence to prove this. The presence of the votive alter in which the Patrician Licinio Sereniano is said to have dedicated the spa to Juno as a sign of gratitude for improving the health of his daughter Varinia Serena goes to shows that the spa existed during 3rd Century.

Spa massage treatments

Treatments ranging from 10 – 14 euros/per treatment
There are medical officers available to supervise medical thermal treatments which usually last 5 to 14 nights. In addition, there are a variety of other treatments in addition to the inhaling stations and these include:

• Bath in the spring pool to balance the nervous system and improve circulation and increase self-esteem
• Bath in Roman Thermae to relax the muscles and balance the nervous system
• A Scottish shower that tones the body and increases circulation
• Hydromassage swimming pool that soothes the nervous and muscular system
• Turkish bath to stimulate circulation and cause depurative effect
• Hot Jet to relax muscles and activate circulation
• Bath in pile for relaxation and anti-inflammatory effect

Apart from these, there are dry area treatments such as body and facial massages ranging from 35 to 50 euros; all worth the effort.

Executive Traveller highly recommends the Balneario de Alange. Everyone must visit and try it out. The treatments we had were effective and very affordable. The oils used for our massage were relaxing and made the skin soft. There two hotels adjacent to the spa. The Grand Hotel Aqua Lange and the Hotel Varina Serena ready to host you if you wish to visit the spa.

Balneario de Alange
Calle Banos, 58
06840 Alange
Tel: +34 924 365 106


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