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Spa experience in the desert island of Djerba is not like you would expect in Europe - Lyssiemay Annoh Reports

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Group Thalasso therapy session at the Yadis, Golf & Thalasso Spa Hotel - Djerba, Tunisia
Space and time is not an issue for the very attentive Tunisians who take so much time and care to make you feel welcome. During our visit to Djerba, we discovered that Spa sessions were not simply an individual's game, groups could benefit greatly too.
Executive Traveller has discovered a whole new side to spa activities: the Thalasso group relaxation sessions at the Yadis Golf, Thalasso and Spa hotel. The sessions are so effective that corporate organisers should consider arranging retreat programmes to incorporate spa sessions.
Full body massage at the Athénée Thalasso Djerba, Tunisia
While nude spas are common in other parts of Europe than in the UK, massage sessions in Djerba are topless. Therapists do not usually offer you the option of deciding to cover up or not during a massage. I suppose that if you want a good massage why should you allow towels to get into the way? The result is excellent and you will definitely leave the Spa centre feeling brand new. The Yadis Thalasso Spa comes highly recommended.Almost every resort on the island of Djerba boasts to be the one offering the best thalasso spa facilities.
Whether you are a well-being fanatic or seeking professional relaxation therapy, you will be spoilt for choice. Djerbian hoteliers see space as a necessary luxury and thalassotherapy as something that no visitor to the island should be deprived of. The therapeutic use of seawater and marine products is regulated by strict law in Tunisia so you can be assured to be in safe hands. The treatments vary but judging from the luxury of the some of the centres we saw, the vast spaces in which they operate, you can expect some VIP treatment at the hands of their caring staff. In addition the extensive wellness and fitness facilities, most of the hotels have hairdressing and beauty salons.

The thalassotherapy centre at the Yadis Djerba Golf, Thalasso & Spa Hotel has 5 unique areas:
• Reception, medial and changing rooms
• Hydrotherapy space with 10 hydromassage bathrooms, 6 seaweed and marine mud treatment rooms, 2 affusion shower rooms, 2 jet shower rooms, 1 feet bath room and three thalaterm rooms.
• Fitness space: 2 Turkish baths, 2 saunas, 1 cardio-training room, 1 seawater walking pool and an outdoors solarium.
• 5 senses space: 9 massage room, relaxation room with water beds, herb tea bar, cavitosonic room

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