Airport Parking

There are times when we find that it is more practical to drive to the airport than to use the traditional shuttle services.
You may choose to drive to the airport because you have too much luggage or because by the time you head off to rent a car or board a public shuttle, you might as well have driven yourself there. When you choose to drive yourself to the airport make sure you know where you are going to park the car!

Airport authorities give you only a split second to drop off or pick a passenger and we know that with the inherent security pressures surrounding airports now, unless you have someone to stay with your bags while you go to park your car, you have to choose your parking place carefully.

Airport parking is the only one instance in travelling where cost does not matter as much as the service attached to it. There are many parking operators at airports and those who have caught up service, offer the Chauffeur Meet & Greet parking. This is where you book your parking spot, and then at a small fee, a chauffeur agrees to meet you at an arranged time at the main airport of your travel. Your car is then taken away for parking while you check in at your convenience. On arrival you are greeted with your car. In the UK this service is currently available at Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester , Stansted, Bristol and Edinburgh airports.

If you are one who likes to park his or her own car and can plan your journey in such a way that you have enough time to arrive at the airport in time for your flight, then there a number of car parking opportunities. Here are a few handy tips:

  • Choose a car park closer to the airport. This way if you should face any delays, the journey back to the airport from the car park would be manageable
  • Pre-book your car parking you can save yourself a lot of time and expenses when you do so. It is usually cheaper to book and pay online
  • Use advanced payment solutions to budget your travel expenditure
  • Calculate the duration of your flight
  • Keep enough fuel in your car to get you to and out of the airport.

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