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The New “convertible’ RiutBag X25 backpack
One BackPack that will surely keep you safe from pickpockets

The compact and expanded RiutBag X25

Riut, the UK backpack startup and Kickstarter success has launched a brand new RiutBag X25, a two-in-one backpack that is perfect for day-to-day use or long-term travel use when needed. The new RiutBag X25 has a 15” laptop compartment that expands from a 10 litre to 25 litre space in just seconds, making it perfect for those short on space at home – or for those who don’t want various backpacks, hold-alls or suitcases lying around gathering dust when not in use!

Secure, simple design
The great thing about the RiutBags X25, is that is a ‘backwards backpack’, meaning the zips nestle on the inside, against the wearer’s back, making them tamper proof and vastly more secure than traditional backpacks. The 39cm length x 26cm width laptop compartment has straps redesigned to fit a much wider range of body sizes more comfortably. It is fully zipped shut with two compartments within to hold a laptop and a tablet or A4 documents straight. This state-of-the-art design allows the bag to be 2.5x larger in just a few seconds, and packed back down again just as quickly.

Open RiutBag X25 - Backpack

The bag is versatile. Whether you are commuting with a laptop or travelling light, or going to the office with just a wallet, phone and keys you can wear it in its compact mode. If on your way back, you are laden with paperwork can return with expanded version. Go compact and return expanded. It will also provide enough room for your short holiday wardrobe.

Sarah Giblin, founder of Riut, and RiutBag designer is confident of the quality of her product so much so that she consults users before producing them.

She says:
“I ask my 10,000 RiutBag users for direct feedback on my designs, what they need and how they travel. With that data I constantly rebuild RiutBags for real travellers. The X25 is my first convertible backpack. The folding technique took 7 months to prototype and simply isn’t possible on the conventional backpack design. Having the zips at the back is core to all my designs because it makes sense for city travellers in the modern world. Thanks to the growing Riut community using RiutBags and giving feedback in the 3 years since the first prototype and Kickstarter campaign, the backwards design is solving new problems, creating new design possibilities. The result is the most functional, secure backpack for people travelling - on the bus, tube, plane or by foot - to date.”

Sarah Giblin, Founder of Riut and RiutBag designer

This is the first modular RiutBag designed to allow you to add on a specially designed attachable waist strap (sold separately at Riut), a great option especially for cyclists in compact mode or global travellers in expanded mode. The bag is machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade. It is also the first model to feature a new mesh divider so it can be opened out suitcase style, especially handy when needing to search through contents at the airport to find one specific thing. It is bright yellow inside to let you travel discreet and smart but benefit from a bright glow inside – it’ll help you find your belongings quickly, plus brighten up your day!

- Waterproof 1000D Cordura
- Anti-abrasive waterproof TPU base
- Compact mode: 47cm x 35cm x 13cm
- Expanded mode: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm
NB - fits budget airline carry-on and most other airlines

Available for at www.riut.co.ukpriced at £149


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