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The New “pickpocket-proof’ RiutBagR15.3 backpack
available at www.riut.co.uk


After test driving the RiutBag X25, Executive Traveller is excited to review the new RiutBag R15.3. In terms of first look they both look very similar and the main difference is in size. The key concept of RiutBags are emphasized with the backwards design, fully waterproof and entirely pickpocket proof. It makes an ideal gift for travellers, runners and any backpacker with security at the fore of theirr mind.

The RuitBag R15.3 has been designed jointly with a physiotherapist to reduce strain on the back and aid posture making it ideal for runners and cyclists. It is smaller and compact.

Great things about the RiutBag R15.3
• Waterproof
• Small
• Designed with back and posture in mind
• Completely Pickpocket proof
• Separate space for carrying a water bottle
• Easy to extract laptop at airport security check points
• Space for tablet
• Was £119 – now reduced to £79

• It is rather stiff
• Quite heavy for a small backpack
• Shoulder straps are bulky with padding
• Too much padding and less inner space.

Save 33% until Christmas
RiutBag is offering 33% off the R15.3 in the run up to Christmas. Ends 11.59pm 25th December 2018 with last orders on 16th December 2018 to receive deliveries in time for Christmas. RiutBag ships globally from England every working day.

The RiutBag journey

Riut (pronounced “riot”) stands for Revolution In User Thinking. It’s a UK startup that launched with two successful Kickstarter campaigns after its designer, Sarah Giblin, realised urban backpacks are the wrong way round. Using social media to find out what other travellers wanted in a backpack, Sarah prototyped the first RiutBag design in 2014 to plug this gap in the market with her simple and effective design. Four years later, and now in her 10th production, RiutBag has thousands of users all over the world.

To find out more about RiutBag and their Christmas discount, visit http://www.riut.co.uk/

The interior of the RiutBagR15.3


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