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We celebrated our first decade 2003 - 2013 with good food created by great chefs

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A year after creating Executive Traveller, we soon realized that it would be amiss on our part not to share with travellers our unique dining experiences. We therefore created the food and drink section for you discover some of the fine restaurants that we had visited; Just like everything that we write about, our fine dining experience is not just about top quality food. To us, eating out is about the experience, the ambiance, the service provided by the waiting staff and the care and attention that is put into the customer service.

Meet the creative talents behind the fine dining experience:

We accept that having the best chef does not necessarily put a restaurant ahead of the game; so we have ensured that our fine dining reviews looked beyond the plate and fancy table cloth to give you a perfect fine dining experience that means a lot more than just good food. We had to meet the excellent chefs behind the creative meals; sought to understand their concepts and even 'begged' a recipe or two off them to enable you to try some of the meals at your leisure. It has been a learning curve and I am pleased to say that at least a decade on, we have met with some excellent chefs, know about taste vs. price, realize that gourmet does not mean scanty portions, and expect excellent service to be quality. In fact, the genuineness of our reviews have been so good to service providers but sometimes not so great for our readers if you're trying to get a reservations with them. Our reviewed eateries seem to be always packed! For example, Executive Traveller discovered Rene Redzepi of Noma at a time when you could get a seat in his restaurant, today, chances of getting a table are about as likely as getting invited to the dine with the Queen! Things we do... We have now expanded our network and brought you more choices of quaint places that you can actually find a table to eat at.

How it all began....

The Maiden Edition: Celebrating 100 Years of Flight
We celebrated 100 years of flight with the Wright Brothers on 17 December 1903 through to 2003 when Air France and British Airways announced the retirement of The Concorde and Virgin Atlantic created the Upper Class Suite as Executive Traveller was born… learn about the Concorde and read our special maiden feature and the contents page

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Yum Cha* with Dim Sum at Royal China

Everyone must taste yum cha (the art of drinking tea*) with dim sum at the Royal China Restaurant. Yum Cha can only be successful if it is paired correctly. Royal China shares its tea pairing tips.

Dim Sum is a unique culinary Cantonese tradition which began thousands of years ago and has grown increasingly popular in the Western world. Travellers along the ancient Silk Road through China would often need a place to rest before continuing their journey. To meet their needs tea houses opened up along the roadside of southern China and when it was later discovered that tea helps with digestion, teahouse owners began offering bite-sized snacks as an accompaniment, this is how yum cha was born. Dim Sum is inextricably linked to yum cha, the art of drinking tea. Today, drinking tea with dim sum is essential in Chinese cultures - with tea being equally as important as the dishes you are eating. Each tea has its own unique taste and aroma, so it is important to pair the dishes with the correct teas to experience the full flavours of the cuisine. Royal China Club offers a vast tea menu of 40 different teas

Kitchen Talk: One-on-one with Chef Oscar Velasco

Head Chef – Restaurant 2 Michelin starred Santceloni, Hesperia Madrid
The man who accidentally found himself in a kitchen and decided to make a career out of it…

Born in Segovia, the young Oscar Velasco reluctantly took a job as a kitchen help in a small restaurant in his native city hoping to move on to “better” things in life. Surprisingly, he enjoyed the experience so much that he enrolled in the Segovia Hospitality School and trained in other prestigious restaurants such as the Zalacain Restaurant to become a chef.