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The Big Birthday Bash

Let’s face it - there are barely any occasions that are worth celebrating anymore, or at least aren’t picked up on to celebrate. Hard financial times are to blame for this, as well as the convenience of simply wishing somebody a happy birthday via social media. We are becoming too relaxed and complacent about getting geared up to go out and have a great time, with excuses like “well, it’s not a special one” or “I’ve not really one for celebrating” rearing their ugly heads amongst friend and family groups over and over again. It’s time to put a stop to it and think about all of the amazing things that are out there waiting for you.

How to enjoy a good party

We Are Sailing…

Especially if you are travelling whilst your birthday comes along or are willing to travel to a destination that houses one, hosting your bash with a party yacht rental is one of the most luxury, one-in-a-lifetime things that you can do. Sailing across the oceans or up rivers whilst keeping your guests (which can be up to 200, maybe even more with certain companies) contained in one space is an amazing experience, especially if there are a lot of activities to do on board. If you have hired it for the night and there are rooms available, it gives a chance to have a room to retreat back to without thinking about extra transport or hotel rooms for you and your friends. Simply put, it’s an all-in-one that covers most of your basics and essentials for an amazing party.

Sparkling celebrations

Top Floor - Go

Likewise, if you are out travelling and your budget isn’t really an issue, hiring an entire floor of a hotel can be amazing thing to do. There are places like Las Vegas which have dedicated “top floor” experiences to indulge in, which have hot tubs, personal casinos and bars available for you and your guests to take advantage of. This can be extremely pricey, but if shared between the people that are taking part, the amount of cash that you are handing over can seem a bit more reasonable. Just remember to budget wisely and enough for spending money and you’ll be well on your way to having an amazing time.

Dive Party

If you are more a person who likes an experience that you can get involved with rather than sit back and enjoy, consider booking a diving excursion for you and some pals. There are places all over the world that cater for special scuba trips, but making a day out of it can sometimes seem like a chore if the travel out there and food/drinks are hard to source. You ideally need somewhere that you can see more than just fish and coral; Florida offers some amazing marine life which include animals such as manatees and dolphins, whereas islands like Barbados give you ample opportunity to see manta rays and turtles. It’s up to you, where you want to go and what you want to see.

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