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Taking holidays is a human right
As Commissioner for Transport I successfully defended passengers’ rights. The next step is to safeguard their right to be tourists. Antonio Tajani
In his opening address at the European Tourism Stakeholders’ Conference in Madrid, Antonio Tajani, Vice-President of the European Commission with responsibility for industry and entrepreneurship declared taking holidays as a right. He said that as the person responsible for Europe’s policies in this economic sector, it is his firm belief that the way in which we spend our holidays is an excellent indicator of our quality of life. He insisted that unrivalled tourism resources must become fully accessible to those for whom travelling is difficult: the elderly and persons with reduced mobility. The sector’s operators are aware that ensuring (and facilitating) travel and holidays for tens of millions of persons with reduced mobility nowadays represents a challenge within a more

Is British Airways the General Motors of British aviation?
British Airways has recorded a substantial loss, has been over-ruled by the Appeal Court and is facing a series of three strikes lasting five days each starting from 24th May through to June. There has been a lot of “to-ing and fro-ing” from the Courts throughout BA’s negotiations with the union.
So, what next for BA?
Joseph Lampel, Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School, London, gives his reaction to the announcement of £531m of losses for the year to the end of March…read more
EU and US Open Skies now a reality
Negotiators from both ends of the Atlantic have now struck a deal make permanent the 2007 open skies deal that expands the liberalization of the skies across the EU and U.S. - a pact once thought to be threatened over ownership rules.
Talks over the next phase of the three-year-old open skies agreement between the United States and the European Union were expected to be contentious primarily because of the reluctance by the U.S. to relax foreign ownership rules.
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Why we should worry about travel services and fees as we slowly emerge from the recession.
Travellers have to pay attention to what airlines are offering before they book their flights. Those were the days when airlines will move heaven and earth to ensure that you enjoy your flight with them. Once debts start straying into the economic growth of airlines, economic growth tends to slump and then airlines start finding ways to charge for almost anything.
There is something particularly compelling about charging for almost everything that services providers like hotels and airlines put at our disposal as soon as supply exceeds demand because of high debt and recession so much so that so that they likely consequences is shrewdness on the part of the traveller. Competition is only indirectly relevant. Read more...

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