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Air Passenger Duties
The UK Government will introduce the Air Passenger Duties in two phases in November 2009 and November 2010. There will be four bands, based on distance of capital cities from London. Passengers in premium seats (premium economy, business and first) will pay the higher sum.
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November 2009
Gran Canaria dancers

Gran Canaria

the unique island very ready for team building and meetings

Gran Canaria offers infinite leisure possibilities. Expect to be blown away by the Dunes of Maspalomas, the cliffs of the west coast and the leafy pines groves of the centre area; an all weather destination to practice golf, sea sports, trekking and end it up with a wellness break. Then, there is Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a cosmopolitan city where businessmen and tourists mix with the local population.

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Accessible Tourism

Not for the faint-hearted but all disabled are welcome

The EU introduced a new regulation from July 26 for disabled air passengers to receive greater assistance when travelling through Europe, in the light of this, Executive Traveller put accessible tourism to test in Calatonia.

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Food and Entertainment

Chocolate meets Malbec at Gaucho’s

Perfectly Tempered Chocolatier and designer of bespoke Argentina centric chocolates, Kirsty Joly, came face to face with Jessica Closs Gaucho’s Group Sommelier to match a selection of chocolates with Malbec to scintillate our taste buds.

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Quintessential Hotels

Lennoxlove House - History, culture, elegance, golf and all things quaint

Lennoxlove House, the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Hamilton, in East Lothian Scotland has recently been renovated and is open to private guests. The is the place where you will find Mary Queen of Scots' death mask and the Queen Mother's four-poster bed!

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Airline News

Long-haul flights: a brand-new cabin for Air France

Air France has become the first European airline to receive the A380 - and the fourth operator overall, joining Singapore Airlines, Emirates and Qantas. Air France's inaugural flight between Paris and New York will mark the first scheduled A380 transatlantic flights between Europe and the Americas. The airline is rolling out new Premium Voyageur cabin, which will gradually be phased in on all of our long-haul flights with the exception of the Boeing 777 serving the Caribbean and Indian Ocean and the Boeing 747.

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Top tips for every traveller

Tip #1 – Delayed or Cancelled flights

You have to travel urgently to a meet a client, a conference or have been saving for the holiday of your dream; you have done everything you need to do to arrive at airport on time then without due course, your flight is delayed or even worse, cancelled. Before you run to your travel insurance company and pay an excess on a full compensation you deserve, - know your rights as an airline passenger.

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