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The Executive Traveller September 2010 Newsletter
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The Golden Gate of Kiev

Livadia Palace, Yalta

Crimea: A Unique Destination Waiting To Be Explored
The Autonomous Republic of Crimea opens its doors to the world and seeks investment proposals
At its Black Sea Forum, last October, Ukraine hosted over 250 Participants from 14 countries and presented Crimea Strategy of economic and social development for the period 2011 to 2020. The October Forum which took place in Yalta through the initiative of the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was aimed at attracting investment to the peninsula’s economy and developing cooperation between the countries of the Black Sea Basin. The aim is to make Crimea a real “pearl” of Ukraine as well as a prestigious renowned resort. ...read more
Yalta - A unique destination waiting to be discovered by nature lovers
Mayor of Yalta Oleksii Boiarchuk
Executive Traveller goes one-on-one with Mayor Oleksii Boiarchuk about his tourism plans for Yalta
How excited are you about putting Yalta on the International Tourism map?
I have only been in office for three months and together with this Forum and I am hoping that we can place Yalta as firmly as possible on the international tourism map. These are exciting times for Yalta and we are working with all stakeholders to make this as successful.
Can you give us a brief summary of what you are seeking to do with Yalta with regards to Tourism?
Our main task is to make Yalta an all-year-round resort. The short beach season in Yalta, which lasts no more than three or four months in the year makes it difficult for us to be competitive with neighbouring countries such as Turkey or Egypt; this is why we are seeking new ways to attract tourists.....read more....
Discover Kiev Discover Yalta in Crimea
Kiev is the largest city of Ukraine located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. It is also one of the oldest and biggest cities in Northern Europe. Unsurprisingly, the city has a lot of Russian influence; it is buzzing, busy, full of character and history. The art and architecture of Kiev are considered world treasures. Language aside, it is a charming city that you fall in love with and return over and over again to discover its attractions….read more.
Crimea is a gem. From the unique Swallow’s nest, the Livadia Palace Museum to the Alupka Palace Museum through to the beautiful churches, caves and water falls, Crimea is certainly a gem waiting to be discovered by any travel and culture enthusiast with a fine tooth. It would also serve a profitable purpose for the keen investor. With its history, peace and tranquillity, a whisper says it all..read more.
Should hotel WiFi be free?
 Yes, absolutely free
 Yes, for a specific period during the day
 No - there should always be a charge
 No - in hotel lobbies only
 No - should be added to room rate
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WiFi Vultures
You would think that hotels will be offering free WiFi service to all their guests by now? Apparently not; according to a Which? Investigation, if you check into the Ritz, you should be ready to pay £26 for a 24-hour service.
Gadget addicts beware, the Four Seasons Park Lane charges £15 for the first device which means that if you want to use a smartphone, laptop and iPad for example, you should be ready to “cough-up” for charges for the additional equipment.
However, it is not all doom and gloom. There are some saints in the hotel business. Marriott Grosvenor Square and 45 Park Lane will offer you free WiFi if you sign up to their free loyalty programmes. Also, several chains like Best Western, Brittania, De Vere Hotels, Malmaison and Radisson (both Edwardian and Blu) provide free WiFi.
Budget travelers can enjoy free WiFi I Travelodge cafés.
Guess who is flying high with Which? Short haul members
• Swiss is best airline
• Aer Lingus is 2nd best
• Easy Jet is most used
• Ryanair and Thomas Cook worst rated.
Find out which airline flies to which destination here and bag yourself some great deals too.
Other Industry News
Travel Security Update

Travelling to China, or Hong Kong this month?

Significant travel congestion expected during Lunar New Year holiday period
The annual Lunar New Year (Spring Festival, locally known as ‘Chunyun') public holiday periodin China will fall between 22 and 28 January, with the Lunar New Year itself on 23 January. The holiday travel period is expected to commence on 8 January and last until 16 February, with peak periods between 15 and 19 January; 27 January and 4 February; and 7 and 10 February
What to expect;
An increased demand for accommodation and all forms of transport should be expected during the festive season. Travellers will find it very difficult to purchase tickets on intercity routes, whether by rail, bus or air. Delays (which may ...read more

Travel Tips - Things to watch out for this year
• Sri Lanka introduces new visa fees as from 1 January 2012. The new electronic visa which must be bought online costs $20. More information here: www.srilankahighcommission.co.uk
• Good news for budget travellers - Ryanair an d Easy jet are offering the chance to reserve seats with extra leg room. Ryanair will start from 10 January at the cost of 10 euros and Easy Jet will commence in Spring.
• Air Passenger Duties (APD) will be increasing from 1 April. The rates for economy seats will range from £13 to £92
• Business Jet passengers will now start to pay APD
How to set up a business in Ukraine
Planning a ski holiday?
Bulgaria has emerged as the cheapest country for skiers even though their slopes may not be challenging for intermediate and advanced skiers, beginners will find everything from equipment hire to ski lesson at good value and the food is good too. Switzerland is still the most expensive but offers more options too.

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