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The Executive Traveller September 2010 Newsletter

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Cover Story
The Joys and Fears of Travelling: Why we need to be more vigilant of our service providers
The Costa Concordia before it met its fate The Costa Concordia as it sank
With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, many travellers will be wondering whether they should bother to travel. Is cruising safe, is flying safe, is driving safe, are train journeys safe…?
Cruise lovers were shaken with fear when Costa Concordia capsized last month. This was a disastrous event in which 11 people died, about two dozen still missing and to cap it all, the Ship’s captain is under house arrest on manslaughter charges — many people are now asking if cruising is safe? For me, it is not a question that needs to be limited to cruising; it has to apply to all forms of travel. The captain of Costa Concordia may have violated every rule in the book – officially and morally – when he allegedly “run-off” the doomed vessel before passengers and crew were safely rescued. Nevertheless, even if we do not travel, we can still face disasters. It could be a deadly hurricane, earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, tornado, and epidemic disease, extreme weather only to name ...read more
Hotels, Cottages & Apartments
One-on-One with Turnberry's Jordi Tarrida
Jordi Tarrida and the Luxury Collection Hotels’ Turnberry Resort in Scotland
With Valentine Day clashing with school half-term, we chat with Jordi Tarrida General Manager of Turnberry Resort, Scotland about his plans for the resort.
Seven months into your new post and what can you say was the memorable thing about arriving at Turnberry?
The views; I cannot forget the mesmerising views as you drive up to Turnberry. I think that everyone should experience this. It is absolutely beautiful – the beauty of Turnberry the views cannot be expressed in words. They are simply spectacular with a setting that overlooks the Irish Sea.

How did you get into the hotel business?
It wasn’t much of a difficult choice. After finishing High School in Caracas, Venezuela, I had to grow up quickly and find myself a job and because I spoke three languages, German, English and Spanish, it was a clear choice between the airline business or the hotel business. I chose the hotel business which was the first to offer me a job; this is how I started my career with Starwood Hotels & Resorts in 1980 as a Front Office Clerk at the Macuto Sheraton Caracas in Venezuela....read more
Jordi Tarrida, General Manager of Turnberry Resort, Scotland
Here are some top tips to get you on the right track
Ski Republic’s expert staff have crafted out unique tips for the 60 million Brits who have no savoir-faire when it comes to knowing what to wear, where to go and what to pack. They advise on the top ten essential things that a virgin skier needs to know:- find out more...
Airline News
World’s Biggest All Black Plane Lands at Heathrow
Air New Zealand’s all black Boeing 777-300ER.The plane is the world’s largest commercially operated aircraft painted completely black and was commissioned by Air New Zealand to highlight their long-time sponsorship of the recently crowned World Champion All Blacks rugby team. Photo: credited to David Dyson
Air New Zealand is the proud owner of the world’s largest commercially operated aircraft painted completely black in honour of the airline’s long-term sponsorship of the recently crowned World Champion All Blacks rugby team. The new all black Boeing 777-300ER landed at London Heathrow this week to a hero’s welcome. It is expected to be plying Heathrow twice a weekly by mid-2012. The aircraft has already begun flying the London – Los Angeles – Auckland.
The airline’s Group General Manager Christopher Luxon, says that the all black colour scheme and silver fern are a key part of both New Zealand’s and the All Blacks’ identity, that is why the airline is excited to be able to take that iconic imagery to the world on a flying billboard that’s more than 242 feet (73.9 metres) long. He is of the view that it would attract attention when it is seen landing at its main destinations of Auckland, Los Angeles and London Heathrow airports over the coming year.
Boeing says that painting the aircraft took just over a week, two days longer than it normally takes to paint a 777 aircraft. 185 gallons (700 litres) of chrome-free primer and paint was used and involved a total of 14 painters working in shifts 24 hours a day.

Techs, Gadgets and Mobile Working
Regus and Shell extend the business lounge idea to Road and Rail
Regus and Shell have adopted the principle “Do not drive if you are tired literally”. They have pulled together to offer busy executives the opportunity to stop and work either on the road or while traveling by rail.
Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces has announced deals with Shell and SNCF to serve the rising tide of on-the-go professionals by creating business centres on motorways and in train stations across Europe. Following an increasing demand for a refined drop-in business centres which offer more than a table and a coffee the new idea from Shell and Regus has received a welcomed boost at its trial launch.
A similar programme with SNCF will now make it possible for professionals and mobile workers to operate more effectively on the move. One billion people globally work on the move, so instant and flexible access to a . ... read more

The new Regus-Shell Lounge in France
Travel Tips - Things to watch out for this year
• Sri Lanka introduces new visa fees as from 1 January 2012. The new electronic visa which must be bought online costs $20. More information here: www.srilankahighcommission.co.uk
• Good news for budget travellers - Ryanair an d Easy jet are offering the chance to reserve seats with extra leg room. Ryanair will start from 10 January at the cost of 10 euros and Easy Jet will commence in Spring.
• Air Passenger Duties (APD) will be increasing from 1 April. The rates for economy seats will range from £13 to £92
• Business Jet passengers will now start to pay APD
Planning a ski holiday?
Bulgaria has emerged as the cheapest country for skiers even though their slopes may not be challenging for intermediate and advanced skiers, beginners will find everything from equipment hire to ski lesson at good value and the food is good too. Switzerland is still the most expensive but offers more options too.

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