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October 2009

Lyssiemay Annoh at Gudvangen-Naerøyfjord

Special Destination Feature:
The unforgettable Fjord Norway Experience

An encounter with the Viking
Kings, journeys across the Fjords and the amazing waterfalls. A brush
with ghosts, the quest to find a seal, a walk through the land where goats rule and the incredible train journey from Flåm to Bergen and the incurable Norwegian habit!

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October 2009


Germany's best kept secret

Explore the City of luxury cars, fine wine, art and festivals and find out why Gottlieb Daimler wrote a postcard to his wife in 1872 marking a star at where he was living at the time with the saying “From here a star will go out…“

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Food and Entertainment

Face to face with chefs at work

Anyone who adores food and drink will appreciate that there is more to eating well, fine dining and a balanced meal than a ping pong between kitchen staff and head chefs. We present a group of skilled chefs from Stuttgart, London and Vienna, whose food, skill and restaurant are worth a mention in the art of food and drink.

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Chino Latino Head Chef Werner Seeback

Value-for-money hotels

750,000 rooms at £29 – how could you not take advantage!

Isis Basnayaka puts the Premier Inn, Havant to test and discovers that it guarantees a good night’s sleep.

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Quintessential Hotels

Hotel Ullensvang - a unique relaxation room for each guest

Attention to detail, fifth generation management and a personal touch for anyone who checks in; our quintessential choice this month is nicely tucked in the Hardanger region of Fjord Norway, with views to die for and an ideal set up for events.

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Seaview event area of Hotel Ullensvang

Airline Chaos

Things fall apart for Star Alliance but Austrian weathers the storm

On Wednesday 30th September, passengers travelling on Star Alliance airlines were faced with chaos as their computer systems broke down.

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Safe Travelling

Too Many Drivers Run Out Of Fuel On Motorways

The highways agency is calling on drivers to check their fuel levels before setting off on journeys after more than 15,000 drivers broke down on England’s motorways over a 12-month period simply because they run out of fuel. Breaking down on the motorway causes disruption to journeys and road users can put themselves as well as other drivers at risk.

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Deals and Bargains

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