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March 2008 - Vol 3- Issue 1


Dear Readers,

Is Terminal 5 Bewitched?
I was really hoping to bring you some exciting news about Heathrow’s Terminal 5. This is because after a super-charged press conference where the big men from BAA and BA and the Designer assured me that passengers would be greeted with stunning views, biometrics, state-of-the-art everything and above all an efficient baggage reclaim and hall like no-one has ever seen everything seem to be going wrong at the Terminal!
In fact I am not sure if I, like the Queen who opened the Terminal or other press members at the conference were hypnotised to believe something or if a spell has been cast on this wonderful new Terminal. I actually feel sorry for the bosses at BAA and BA but more so for BAA than BA especially as owners of the Terminal, they are bound to take the flak even if BA staff prove too slow to learn.
My question to David Noyes, Customer Service Director of British Airways PLC at the press conference was “How confident are you that it is all going to go smoothly?” His answer was “We have tested it 60 times and improved on our service at every testing – that is how confident we are.” So what went wrong? We will perhaps not know. Given that positive image and British Airways have not been the very close friends lately, I hope that at least for the sake of BAA, travellers will be told exactly what went wrong and how it was resolved in order to restore our faith in these two companies whose names start with the first two letters of the alphabet.

Lyssiemay Annoh - Editor

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