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The Executive Traveller Cruise Newsletter
Enchanting Cruise Destination Views
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ships Captains share some the World’s best kept secrets.

Sydney Harbour as seen by Cruise Ship Captains

They travel across the seas with a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. However, there are some perks to the job; they get to see some of the World’s most spectacular views. Many of the world’s most spectacular panoramas are hidden from normal view, only accessible to the world’s more adventurous travellers...read more
Princess Cruises Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

To mark the occasion, the galley became the focus of attention as the Executive Chef treated guests to an exquisite three-course meal following a comprehensive tour of the galley and dining areas.

The Royal Princess of Princess Cruises
From feeding 3560 passengers and 1100 crew to the Chef’s table, the Royal Princess christened by the Duchess of Cambridge, first took its maiden cruise on 16 June 2013. It took 3 million man hours to turn the 37,000 tons of steel into the beauty that she is today. She docked for the last time in the Port of Southampton to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Princess Cruises. In a delightful Golden befitting style selected guests were treated to an unforgettable tour...read more

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