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London-Toronto-Niagara Falls-Toronto Island -Aboard VIA Rail-Winnipeg-Alberta-Jasper-Vancouver-Victoria BC
To celebrate Executive Traveller Magazine’s tenth Anniversary, I sought out to visit a new destination for the magazine. My quest was to find a challenging destination that I could fall in love with. I wanted it to be long haul so as to create a feeling of “longing to get to”. I wanted some anxiety in order to create some sense of adventure. After toying with the idea, I selected Canada, a land of many options as my destination. …It was the morning of 24th August 2013 when I boarded the ...read more

Afternoon service at the renowned Empress, Victoria BC Sweet selection for the exquisite Urban Tea Merchant, Vancouver BC The delicately cut and beautifully presented afternoon platter at Windsor Arms, Toronto
I really love the idea and lifestyle of Afternoon Tea so I could not let my “Exquisite Canadian Affair” pass without a hunt for my top three extremely beautiful and delicate Afternoon Tea services in Canada. Continuing the tradition with everything associated with Executive Traveller, our awards go to the most beautiful, elegant and ...read more.
The fine drinks section of the cellar in the Sky - 360 Restaurant The impressive wine collection at 360 restaurant cellar in the sky
My Canadian dining experience was very interesting; I enjoyed some good food, met some intriguing chefs and wine directors but most remarkably, I was able to meet discover Canada’s most knowledgeable sommelier at the Country’s most elevated restaurant....read more
Fly-SAX launches new route to Comoros Islands
Kenya’s premier safari and private charter airline, has launched a new international route to the Union of the Comoros (“the Comoros”). Flights commenced on 18 October with two return flights each week.
EVA Air teams with Shanghai for tourism promotion
Taiwan’s leading independent airline EVA Air and the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration teamed up for a prestigious London event to make travel to Taiwan and Yangtze River Delta Region more appealing. EVA now an official member of Star Alliance will provide more opportunities for travellers from Europe to visit Taiwan and the Yangtze River Delta region. As part of the Asia Travel Evening staged at The Ritz, EVA Air introduced its new Royal Laurel Class business cabin allowing guests the opportunity to experience its comfort and luxury.
Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Taghazout Bay
Taghazout a small fishing village 19 km (12 mi) north of the city of Agadir in the south west of Morocco will benefit from a massive and luxurious project to be managed by SAPST.

AKWA Group is a Moroccan energy leader with an annual turnover of USD3 billion in 2012. The company employs more than 6,000 persons, with more than 60 companies, two of which are listed on the Casablanca stock exchange has endorsed ...read more

Top 10 places where tourists get kidnapped - a dark side of international tourism
It appears that crime has become a multi-billion dollar global phenomenon that is now occurring more frequently, and in more locations across the world...Read more

New York flight diverted to Kansas City to remove singing passenger
A customer on an American Airlines flight would not stop singing "I will always love you," the classic Dolly Parton song also made famous by the late Whitney Houston in the ...Read more
Qatar Airways sued after passenger struck by wayward drinks cart
A wayward drinks cart could cost Qatar Airways a steep damages bill with a passenger alleging serious physical and psychological trauma after being struck by ...Read more

Dog owner sues Virgin Airlines for killing his pet
Dogs on planes should not be treated as property but as passengers
On February 16, 2013, the day after the two-year-old dog died on a flight from Perth to Coolangatta...read more

Business Books:   Food and Drink:
The handbook of personal wealth management   Sun, Bread and Sticky Toffee by Sarah Al-Hamad
Strategic brand engagement by John G Fisher   Tapas: Meat, Fish, Vegetables & Desserts by Gina Steer
The dragon and the elephant by David Smith   Chocolate unwrapped by Sarah Jane Evans
Sportviz Prescription Ski Mask
Good news for skiers with prescription glasses.
One of the headaches that skiers who wear prescription glasses face is how to combine their usual prescription glasses with the protective ski goggles. It was therefore great to learn that Sportviz has introduced an affordable and stylish prescription Ski Mask to complement its growing range of sport eyewear for people with vision problems. It is all about safety.

Being able to see clearly on the slopes, while enjoying the stunning mountainous scenery in ski resorts, will make any skier’s holiday both safer and more pleasurable. Executive Traveller tried and tested the Sportviz Prescription Ski Mask with unique snap in lens ‘Inzert’ for this purpose. This is how it works ...read more

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