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The Executive Traveller September 2010 Newsletter

* * * Great Mountain Destinations * * *

View from Kuerschner Hotel, Austria

The Weisensee, Carinthia - Austria

Davos Klosters mountain-bike paradise

Liate Wote - Ghana

Our search for unique mountain destinations takes us to Carinthia in Austria, Davos in Switzerland and Liate Wote in Ghana. For those of you who are seeking some memorable holidays away from the classic sun, sea and sand destinations, prepare to be mesmerised by the beautiful scenery and the wonders of nature.

All three destinations have something special about them but there is definitely one common streak to all three – the joys of cycling… read more

Summer in Carinthia and its Naturidyll Hotels

Right in the heart of nature, Carinthia the only destination that calls its lakes “seas” has a quaint selection of countryside hotels offering packages that allow you to have an alpine break; with an opportunity to appreciate outdoor activities. Carinthia is perfect for anyone, in so far as they enjoy outdoor activities.
With all nature’s spoils at its disposal, Carinthia is ideal for a family vacation, fits the bill for a surprise on a romantic holiday and offers lots of challenges for the adrenalin junkie. Austria and South Tyrol have 24 Naturidyll hotels, so even if you were not heading to Carinthia, you can still find a Naturidyll hotel somewhere else in Austria. Most of these hotels are gurus when it comes to logistics, and have thought of almost everything you will need on a holiday; they accept dogs; provide babysitting and
9th Generation Hotel Kuerschner owner, Barbara Klauss inspects the grapes in her vineyard within the grounds of the hotel.  The hotel produces its own special wine.

packages for one parent families; they have play areas and fun packed activities for an ideal family holiday.
Sticking to Carinthia, I would say that the adrenalin junkie would find an ally in Carinthia; if you travel into Carinthia by air, mesmerising scenery greeting you at the airport itself is a welcoming treat to nature. Even if you are a loner, you can still visit Carinthia and enjoy some peaceful nature on your own. The locals are so friendly that you are bound to come back with some new friends.
Where to stay in Carinthia
Nestled in between mountains, Green award-winning Hotel Kuerschner is a delightful gem. Managed by nineth generation fit and enthusiastic Barbara Klauß; the team at Hotel Kuerschner personally ensure that you feel at home. The 240 year-old hotel has a little paradise garden of more than 12.000m² considered to be the most beautiful hotel garden in Carinthia. It has a Rose pond, blooming bushes and guests can relax in the open air pavilion or in the Rosarium. Tradition is important to the Carintians and Barbara Klauss, goes about her day’s work in a traditional Austrian “dirndlkleid”.

The hotel has packages that cover everything from healthy eating and weight-loss activities for men and women, a kindergarten, guided hiking tours, guided bicycle tours, spa and gym activities and lots more.

Hotel Kuerschner
Schlank-Schlemmer-Hotel Kürschner
Schlanke Gasse 74, A-9640 Kötschach-Mauthen - Tel. +43 4715 2590 - Email:info@hotel-keuerschner.at

Regitnig Hotel at the Weisensee


A visit to the Weissensee in Carinthia is a must and where better to stay than at the Naturidyll Regitnig hotel!
Only 3 minutes walk away from arguably one of the most spectacular lakes in the world, fourth generation Imgard and Hans-Peter Eder have followed the family tradition and continue to offer guests a warm and comfortable accommodation within the magnificent mountain scenery leading to a private beach where swimming, picnics, fishing and everything nature asked for, happens. The hotel has sunny patio and conservatory overlooking the lake; a health and wellness facilities offering massages, treatments, beauty baths, sauna, Jacuzzi tub, spacious relaxation areas, and a fully equipped gym. If you had to stay in at the Regitnig, you could still work up a sweat on the in-house tennis court before taking advantage of the fully-equipped spa with four different saunas.

Imgard and Hans-Peter Eder
Nature lovers waiting for a raft at the Weisensee

Nature lovers, can do anything from walking, swimming, cycling, Nordic walking, jogging and running, skiing, cross-country skiing, ice skating, and winter walking more.
Summer has its own particular charm at the Weisensee, especially when Imgard and her team pack up a delicious picnic for guests to enjoy while floating gently on the Weissensee pleasure raft. This is the solace where you can enjoy stories about the most untouched biotopes in Austria and follow the trail of bears, lynx and bearded vultures.
If trekking is your thing, a tour on horseback or on foot takes you up to the unspoiled alpine pastures with a fantastic view over Lake Weissensee.

Hotel Regitnig
Techendorf 33 , A-9762 Techendorf - Tel. +43-4713-22 25 - www.hotel-regitnig.at

Austria - How to get to there By air, road or train.

Travelling by air is probably the cheaper option and from the UK for example, there several flights into Austria. For Carinthia, there are frequent flights from London Stansted to Klagenfurt where the airport’s spectacular view would really make you feel welcome.

What better way to explore Austria than travelling through the stunning mountain scenery, lush alpine meadows, historic towns and picturesque villages on the reliable and comfortable Austrian train service offering a real value for money.

It is a spectacular roller coaster time for bikers in Davos, Switzerland


Click here to watch the experience

It’s 6 km long. It descends 600 height metres. With 200 banked bends, jumps and waves. The Gotschna freeride piste to Klosters. From 2 July, the latest attraction in the Davos Klosters mountain-bike paradise will be open for all freeriders. And a bike park opens in Davos at the same time. Earthmoving machines were taken up to below the Gotschna aerial cableway in autumn last year, to prepare the terrain before Davos Klosters mountain rail and cableways built the actual freeride piste this spring. Attractions include 50 banked curves that a biker with a good technique can master without braking.

More than 30 tables, flattened-out mounds of earth with steep approaches, have been heaped up. The combinations of high jumps, tough waves and even vertical curves are strictly for experienced freeriders. The Gotschna freeride piste stands out from the rest for its constant flow and great biking over the moderately steep terrain from Gotschnaboden down to the bottom station of the Gotschna aerial cableway

Bike park in Färich
The Färich Adventure Park is set out in splendid woodland at the entrance to the Flüela Valley. A rope park was constructed here last summer and this insiders’ tip has since become a meeting place for local people, climbers and families. A bike park has now been created under the age-old trees. The stretches are designed to be fun for beginners as well as experienced bikers. The park can be used free of charge for those with their own bikes and protectors, helmets and dirt bikes can be hired on the spot.

Liate Wote, Ghana  

Ghana is located in West Africa. It is bordered by Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south. The word Ghana means "Warrior King" and is derived from the ancient Ghana Empire. Liate Wote which is fast becoming the nature lovers’ destination for the travellers to Ghana, is home to Mount Afadjato, the highest point in Ghana and the Tagbo Falls, considered to be one of the most spectacular Water falls in Ghana.
Opening soon in Liate Wote is Liate Lodges and Farms promising to be the premier destination in Ghana for nature lovers, adrenalin junkies and those seeking some undisturbed vacation among a spectacular view of luscious mountains.
Officially known as the Republic of Ghana, the country has been declared The World's Fastest Growing Economy in 2011 in an economic research led by Economy Watch with data coming from the IMF's tracker of GDP Growth in constant prices in the national currency (not converted to US dollars). With an economic growth of about 20.146 % for the year 2011, Ghana's growth rate stands ahead of the rest of the world in economic growth and ahead of the next eleven fastest growing economies in the world by 2011 with Qatar following second as fastest growing in the world with an estimated growth rate of 14.337 % for 2011.

Other alpine resorts include Fernie Alpine Resort and the Kimberly Alpine Resort


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