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The Executive Traveller September 2010 Newsletter







Copenhagen Town Hall and Central Bus Station

Meetings are a gathering of full and lengthy discussions of a subject until there is general agreement, after which the chairman will announce the decision of the group…or is it?"

Meetovation in Copenhagen
Have you heard the one about Return on Meeting Investments (ROMI)? Well, the Danish have embraced their creative skills and initiated a service to eliminate boring meetings – they call it Meetovation. Meetovation is designed to end boring one-way communication and traditional meeting room layouts. The idea is to aim for a better ROMI – and increase your sustainability. Discover Meetovation.


The Spa at the Grand Hotel Kempinski opens in style

Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva's General Manager Thierry Lavalley (right) with Spa Designer Tarek Hegazy (middle) and other VIPs at the Opening The Jet d’Eau fountain, icon of Geneva is the splendid view from most guest rooms at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Treatment room at the Cinq Mondes Spa, Grand Hotel Kempinski, Geneva

The up and coming lifestyle destination for yacht racing enthusiasts

On 23 October 2011, 77 monohull and multihull yachts between 30-100 feet in length made up of one orange, ten green, 21 purple, 22 yellow and 23 blue, set off to conquer the over 606-nautical mile offshore race through Malta’s Aeolian Islands, Stromboli’s Egadi Islands – Pantelleria – Lampedusa and back to Malta.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race, Valletta - Malta: Seventy-six boats started the race, and 60 finished one of the highest numbers of finishers in recent years. The fleet included boats from 17 nations, a veritable United Nations of competitors and certainly along the quay at Grand Harbour Marina, boats from Hungary, Italy, UK, US, Spain, and Slovenia, among others, bore this out. The weather forecast for the entire race itself was not exciting but these determined sailors were prepared and always know what to expect during these races. For us the spectators, the heavens were kind to us and gave us a beautiful day of glorious sunshine with clear blue skies; something to put us to put us in the right frame of mind to bid ...read the whole story

Destination Davos Klosters is starting the next winter season with a surprise. In the early season, hotel guests will receive the gift of a Davos Klosters Mountains Skipass for every overnight stay.

Skipass gift for Davos Klosters hotel guests:
Destination Davos Klosters is starting the next winter season with a surprise. In the early season, hotel guests will receive the gift of a Davos Klosters Mountains Skipass for every overnight stay.


Mingling with the Great and the Good

Nicholas, 9th Baron of Budach, 9th Marquis de Piro, with his wife Frances, the Marchioness de Piro of Malta

Casa Rocca Piccola:
How I solved the mystery surrounding the 5th Baron of Budach and charmed my way into a date with Nicholas, 9th Baron of Budach, 9th Marquis de Piro – A nobleman of Malta - by Lyssiemay Annoh
I visited Malta for the Rolex Middle Sea Race in October 2010. It was a beautiful day even though stormy weather had been predicted for the night. I had seen the race off to a good start and enjoyed a good lunch in a traditional restaurant in the Main Square of Valletta so I decided to visit the Casa Rocca Piccola, Valletta. The Casa Rocca Piccola is only a few steps away from the Square. It is the 16th Century Palace of a Noble Maltese Family and home to the 9th Marquis & Marchioness de Piro. The Marquis has succeeded eight others..read full story in the digital edition



This month's collection of Fine Art and Culture is courtesy Anders Ryman from Copenhagen and Alexia Coppini from Malta...discover more

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Excellent Team Building Opportunities

Members of the Media at a cooking session at Meyer Madhus

Corporate away days are usually organised as a brain storming session but away days are only effective if team building activities are incorporated in the programme. Finding the right activity for a group on away days varies. Chef Bo Frederiksen of Meyers Madhus in Copenhagen has designed special cooking lessons for groups that is guaranteed to get even the most inattentive delegate focused. The sessions are very therapeutic, relaxing and help delegates bond very well. The chef ensures that all are involved in the preparation of the dishes and showcase some of the culinary secrets. Delegates will have to eat what they cook so there is a good time to talk together, both during cooking and during the dinner so team work and interaction comes naturally. Claus Meyer and friends built Meyers Madhus in the heart of Copenhagen.built and grew it into a cooking business. A place where food enthusiasts could meet talented chefs rather than each other and together they experience the joy of preparing and eating delicious food.


Travel Products offering real value for money

Baboo Airlines
Usually when you head towards an airport and find that you are boarding a Dash8-400, it is either a budget airline where everything thing aboard the carrier including the Stewardess’s smile is for sale or a private flight. So I was pleasantly surprised when my flight to Geneva on Baboo from London City turned out to be a Propeller flight with a twist.
Baboo was founded by Julian Cook in August 2003 following Swissair’s decision to abandon the Geneva-Lugano route. The first flight to Lugano took place on November 3, 2003 with a Cirrus airlines aircraft. In May 2004 the airline obtained its AOC (Air Operator Certificate) licence from the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA), allowing it to operate with its own aircraft - a 50-seat Dash 8-Q300 leased from the manufacturer, Bombardier Aerospace. Find out more

In-flight catering being served on board Baboo airlines

Wakeup Copenhagen
After a very disappointing start in a renowned Copenhagen five star hotel, I was curious to see what a budget hotel in Copenhagen would offer. At about ten minutes walk from Copenhagen’s Central Station and eight minutes from Dybbølsbro Station, the Wakeup hotel is located in the heart of Copenhagen within walking distance of the Tivoli Gardens, Town Hall Square, the pedestrian shopping streets and the waterfront.
The Green Key certified and WiFi enabled Wakeup hotel offers more than a clean bed and breakfast. Owned by the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, ... Find out more

The very clean and self-sufficient Wakeup Heaven bedroom at the Wakeup Copenhagen hotel



Gadget Maintenance: Brasso Gadgetcare
The key to performance on any gadget is ensuring that they are properly maintained and cared for. For the price of £4.99, this 50ml bottle and its microfibre cloth will keep your gadgets clean from sticky fingerprints, smudges and smears. Created by the team at Brasso HQ, experts in shining our valuables for 110 years, Brasso Gadgetcare is versatile, gentle, non-abrasive gel that can be used on everything from mobile phones, consoles and screens to iPads and iPods. Developed specifically to care for gadgets; at home, at work, or on the go, it incorporates silicone and anti-static properties to make everything look as shiny as technology should. The container is practical and can be carried in a hand bag. The gel is also easy to use and the results are instant.

The Caxton FX Currency Cards
If you are a frequent or casual traveller who likes to know that your money is safe in your wallet at all times, or are simply not comfortable with working out exchange rates, you may want to try the Caxton FX currency cards. These are prepaid cards that you apply for on the Caxton FX website (www.caxtonfxcard.com) and depending on the card that you use, upload at least £100 and use the card freely at cash points or at any place that you find the MasterCard sign. The company has three types of cards namely, the Euro card for those travelling within the Euro zone, the Dollar card for those travelling to the USA and the Global Traveller card for travelling outside of the Euro and USD zones, or to multiple destinations including ..... Find out more



Keep an eye on your passport
It will be great if you do because the Identity and Passport Service (IPS) and the UK Government have revealed figures which show that more than 60,000 British travellers reported their passport lost or stolen abroad between April 2009 and March 2010. The Service replaced more than 279,000 passports that were lost or stolen in the UK or abroad between April 2009 and March 2010. Of that total, more than 60,000 passports were lost or stolen abroad. Since 2002, a total of 2.2 million passports have been replaced by IPS. Interestingly, the IPS also says that 83 per cent of people say they always store their passport in a safe place...read more


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