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The Executive Traveller August 2010 Newsletter







Denisher, the Queen of the Commancheros & Associates mas band, parades across the stage during the King and Queen competition at Sunday night's Dimanche Gras ©Joshua Yetman – Monday Day Gilligan

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way - Christopher Morley US author & journalist (1890 - 1957)

Its Carnival Time in Grenada!
Glitzy costumes, bands competing for prizes, trailer trucks and calypso music are just some of the few things to get the party started on the lagoon right outside Port Louis Marina in Grenada. Ranking 91 in the World Doing Business 2010 data, Grenada is not the destination we would readily suggest that you head to for business unless you are trying to impress a client. With tourism as its main source of foreign exchange, it comes highly recommended as a destination to go to chill ...Discover the experience

Luxurious Grenada

Ideal lifestyle choices for a well-earned holiday

The exquisite Dais Suite at Mount Hartman Bay Estate Port Louis Marina, Grenada

Living the lifestyle in Westward Ho! North Devon

Star Cottage lounge at Duckhaven Stud in Westward Ho! North Devon

Westward Living
The name Westward Ho! sounds like it has come out of a novel and this is true. This Victorian seaside resort was founded in 1863 and was made famous on the strength of Charles Kingsley’s novel about the seafaring Elizabethans. In fact it can proudly boast to be the only place in the British Isles to be named after a book and have an exclamation mark after its name!
Six unique cottages now stand in the scenic grounds of a working Devonshire thoroughbred stud farm, Duckhaven Stud which is in the Areas of Natural Beauty and Unesco Biosphere Reserve; this means that guests arrive at a truly unique setting with an opportunity to experience living in one of the World’s most beautiful locationsThe stud farm and racing yard for thoroughbreds horses boast some of Duckhaven’s winners including the resident stallion Silca Blanka, Star Player (winner of the Chester cup 1992) Surcoat, Warm Winter & Fanatical. . …Read more



Thrifty days ahead for Business Travellers
An Orbitz for Business survey claims that although the amount of people going on business trips and the amount of trips themselves are increasing, the trend nowadays is to spend less. It appears that the global trend is growing and the style of business travel is changing a lot.
So what is the trend now?
It used to be the case that business travellers were the ‘darlings’ of travel service providers; throwing around money that was not theirs and always going for the most expensive options merely to maintain a desired image. According to the survey, read more



From September 2010 Executive Traveller launches a brand new bi-monthly e-magazine available only by subscription. The magazines will be available in digital format and only paid subscribers will have access to them. They will focus on brands and activitives for saavy and corporate travellers. A subscription to the Digital editions entitles subscribers to a free copy of the monthly newsletters. Readers can find solutions to all aspects of their travel plans. There will be recommendations, tips and detailed unbiased editorial for you to enjoy and help you to make informed decisions about the travel products that you use. discover more

FOOD AND DRINK: Summer Salads

This month's recipe:
Parma Ham, Melon and Mozzarella Salad With Chilli Mango Dressing

Executive Traveller Summer Salads: Parma Ham, Melon and Mozzarella Salad with Chilli Mango Dressing

This tasty, refreshing salad is packed with fabulous flavours, textures and colours – perfect for a relaxed summer lunch. Simply share rocket, sliced mango, melon and mozzarella cheese between separate plates and top with delicious, paper thin slices of Parma Ham. Drizzle with a dressing of blended mango, lime juice and chilli, and serve immediately.
Parma Ham is a completely natural food with nothing added except salt. Making a Parma ham is a long and painstaking process. The curing is controlled carefully so that the ham absorbs only enough salt to preserve it to retain its distinctive sweet flavour.
Parma Ham, Prosciutto di Parma is produced in the hills surrounding the Italian town of Parma. The air in the Parmesan hills is unique, dry and sweet-smelling with breezes from the Apennine Mountains creating perfect environmental conditions for a natural “drying” of the hams.
..Enjoy the experience


Thomson Airways first to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Danielle Lineker in Thomson Airways' Dreamliner 787 at Farnborough

Things you need to know about the air travel

Fasten your seat belts for a smoother, quieter and more sustainable flying experience. Its investment and innovation times for all businesses - Thomson Airways will be the first UK airline to fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and will take .. read more

Ten KLM flights a week to Tokyo from November
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be operating three additional flights a week between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Tokyo Narita International Airport from November. read more

Continental Airlines Announces $233million 2nd Quarter Profit: Highest second quarter pretax profit since 2000; operating income improves $482 million vs. 2009.. more


GREEN ISSUES: Smart ways to Drive

The Game is up for Budget Airlines
Airline companies in Europe and North America have been getting away with offering one price and charging a different one for quite some time. As budget airlines read more

One more step to marital bliss for United Airlines and Continental Airlines – The EU gives them its unconditional blessing.
United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAUA) and Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) received unconditional clearance from the European Commission on the airlines’ proposed merger. The Commission noted its.... discover more

It is Joint Venture Time for British Airways, American Airlines and Iberia.
Almost every competitor who wanted the stop them have tried and failed. The Europe and the U.S governments couldn't either,... discover more

Ten simple useful tips to save you energy and money.
Behind the wheel

1. Drive Off From Cold. Modern cars are designed to move straight away. Warming up the engine just wastes fuel - and actually causes engine wear.
2. Check Your Revs. Change up before 2,500rpm (petrol) or 2,000rpm (diesel).
3. Drive Smoothly. Anticipate road conditions so that you drive smoothly and avoid sharp acceleration and heavy braking. This saves fuel and reduces accident rates.
4. Step Off The Accelerator. When slowing down or driving downhill, remain in gear but take your foot off the accelerator early. This reduces fuel flow to the engine to virtually zero.
5. Slow Down. Driving within the speed limit is safer as well as being the law, and reduces fuel consumption. .. Discover more tips


Powerfreakz Evolution 2500 Portable Charger

Thank God for something that makes owning a blackberry really worthwhile…and it green
Everyone who owns a blackberry or smartphone knows exactly how fast the batteries run out. The problem is not so much about the battery running out but whether you can charge your smartphone in time of need. I never thought that I would find a gadget so handy and almost indispensable until we tried and tested the Powerfreakz Evolution 2500 portable charger. This is a charger that works with anything 5v or less (MP3, Nintendo DS, PSP, phone, blackberry etc). . discover more
The Powerfreakz Evolution 2500 Portable Charger



Austerity Business: 39 Tips for Doing More with Less
I never thought that I would praise a business book but Alex Pratt has managed to kick every entrepreneur in the shin in the most reflective way as possible and the result can only lead to success. Divided into four key sections, Attitude, People, Customers and Strategy, Pratt compels the entrepreneur to reflect on the past habits, dust themselves up to face the new challenges that can make or break their businesses. Onward entrepreneurs go – match your businesses into a new light. It makes a good read for everyone, start-ups, entrepreneurs and managers alike. I cannot think of anything that justifies François de la Rochefoucauld when he says that “the only thing that should surprise us is that there are still some things that can surprise us”. Pratt has surprised me with his style of writing because this is certainly not a textbook. The great thing about the book is that it is packed with witty anecdotes, inspirational quotes and common sense advice.
Alex Pratt himself started trading bankrupt stock at the age of 16, has built his own business and helped others along the way. He emphasises that there are tough times ahead for every business and indeed every person ...discover more

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