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The Luxury Mobile Office - Tosca, a Mercedes Viano

Join the ranks of the new-style entrepreneur - deals are now being made on the road!

The Mercede Viano used for the Luxury mobile office

When Executive Traveller met with The Luxury Mobile Office Company CEO and serial entrepreneur Mark Strachan on Wednesday 12th March, he was very excited and eager to “show-off” his newly acquired new generation of luxury mobile offices for the business sector. He had every reason to be proud because not only had he been successful in raising £165,000 to launch the first vehicle, Tosca, in London that week, the product is also just “what the doctor ordered” for small business meetings. With this mobile meeting place, entrepreneurs and deal-makers can cruise comfortably while the fully-equipped vehicle moves along. It looks like an ordinary vehicle from the outside and like a complete small boardroom on the inside.

The boardroom style interior of the luxury mobile office - Viano

The chauffeur-driven luxury mobile office comes in the form a Tosca, a Mercedes Viano, which has been converted to executive jet standard and built to the company’s exact requirements to offer business professionals a wifi-enabled and sound-proofed mobile office, so work is uninterrupted, even when travelling between meetings.

The vehicle features:
• Double speed 4GEE wifi; which enables digital TV and fast data speeds of up to 35mps.
• On-board Windows 7 PC has Skype and Webex for video and voice conferencing. There is an account with Powwownow which can link people from all over the world to Tosca.
• Play CD's and DVD's over the premium B&O sound system. There is a front camera which can show the raps ahead on the 2 plasma screens.
• A fridge for 4 wine bottles and 6 glasses.
• All phones can be charged and used over the sound system via Bluetooth.
• Power socket for each passenger to charge laptops.
• A printer/scanner.
• The office also has white out glass which creates a room completely secure and private.
• An internal intercom to speak with the driver. Finally, there is a board table that fits across the office for more formal meetings

Executive Traveller recommendations:
• Highly recommended for business meetings that require a lot of discretion and confidentiality.
• It can be used anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

Unless stationary, it can be inconvenient for taking notes. However, user can always find a discrete location to park the vehicle if note-taking is very important.

For more information, please contact: The Luxury Mobile Office Company

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