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Tips and tools for event planning  

Tool and venues for planners of senior corporate travel, meetings and social events
This is your page if you plan events for senior corporate executives, arrange their travel or manage social events for people looking for something unique and special.
Executive Traveller trawls the world to find you exquisite venues, means and destinations that will help you make a statement. While selecting venues and destinations we explore the opportunities for incentives and other entertainment that your team can enjoy during the course of their event.

If you have landed on this page then you are probably the planner and organizer at work. You see the whole picture and probably use post-it-notes and planner lists to keep things running smoothly. Attention to detail comes through when the pieces all come together. All of this - comes naturally to you! The question is whether this is a 'side duty' as part of your job or do you take it upon yourself?
The Executive Traveller social planner kit is filled with theme ideas, 'business etiquette, worksheets and examples. The Executive Traveller kit is complete because it includes venues, checklists, forms, worksheets, ideas and the nuts and bolts of enhancing that corporate image. It will make you look great as well!

10 things you will need to know if you are planning an event in The Algarve

Business and Corporate Events
Business socials and entertaining are an important aspect of public relations, company recognition, employee morale and further business opportunities.
The process of planning any event involves having a list and some forethought. Most planners thrive on lists and sticky notes. It can be as simple as food, table decorations, gifts and invitations. Accommodating your guests, creating a theme, and properly presenting your main table are also important. If you were to role-play the entire event out in your mind, in advance, you would be able to capture vital details needed, how you serve your food, convenience for your guests and how to prevent disasters. Put some thought into the nature of the event. If it is a bridal tea, perhaps the inclusion of time-honoured traditions could be included.

Cocktail Reception Budgets
Here are some ideas of things you may want to budget for when planning a cocktail reception.

Event Theme – Name, Logo and Designs
Develop event theme
Develop tagline
Develop colours and images
Decide on “main event”
Award Ceremony
Select MC
Decide on the type of invitation you would like to send. You can choose to send this electronically or in print. Whichever way, it should make an impression.
Attendee Gifts and Door Prizes
Gift – Themed gifts for attendees
Decide on gift for attendees
Decide whether gift is for everyone or a raffle
Cost per gift options
Total Number of attendees
Decide on Door Prizes – Gift certificates?

Menu Planning
For most cocktail receptions, finger foods are ideal. Make a selection of about 4-6 choices and check costings.
Liquor selection
Beer/wine selection
Sales & Tax
Audiovisual: Screen, Mike, Podium
Check on what you will need together with costs

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