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Tianguis Turistico Mexico - Cancun 2014
Tianguis Turistico Mexico Quintana Roo, Cancun 2014
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Lyssiemay Annoh reflects on Mexico’s famous tourism market place

Mexico’s famous Tianguis has just closed its 39th event on 9th May 2014. This year the event took place within the luxurious destination of Cancun in the Gran Peninsula Maya. His Excellency Enrique Pena Nieto, President of the United States of Mexico opened the event with great optimism. I have to echo his enthusiasm because Mexico does really embrace tourism avidly.The country has invested $7.7 billion pesos and $180,000 million pesos has been assigned to improve the conditions of infrastructure at leisure destinations.
His Excellency Enrique Pena Nieto, President of the United States of Mexico

The Government of Mexico intends to place tourism very high on its agenda and the President affirmed this when he said that “Tourism is a strategic sector for the growth of Mexico, one of the largest generators of investment, employment and foreign exchange earnings.Its contribution to the development and welfare of our population therefore makes it a key engine for the transformation of the country.” Roberto Borge Angulo, Governor of Quintana Roo and the ever so buoyant and enthusiastic Claudia Ruiz Massieu, Secretary of State for Tourism were all present at the ceremony to highlight encouraging figuresexpected to surpass last year’s successful Tianguis in Puebla.

Cancun’s “Tianguis Turistico de Mexico” may be the best so far according to Secretary of State Ruiz Massieu. She says that "tourism is a force that moves towards progress, road, public services and a productive call to all regions”. She informed her audience that Mexico is within its best time for tourism. She is right, because it is all happening in Mexico. Attractions like the Canadian Cirque du Soleil unveiled their latest attraction “Joya” which will be unique to the Riviera Maya and Mexico. The opening of “Joya” will coincide with the 30th anniversary of Cirque du Soliel, born in Quebec, Canada in 1984, and created by street artists Guy Laliberté and Daniel Gauthier. It will be the first permanent Cirque du Soleil show in Latin America. The performance will be exclusive, with 250 VIP seats for a dinner show, and it will have a maximum capacity of 1,000 spectators.

However, I cannot help but feel that Cancun, Mexico’s luxurious Caribbean, destination lacked warmth and authenticity while showcasing The Tianguis Turístico Mexico. The event is the foremost promotional platform in the tourism sector, and a major vehicle for distributing information about Mexico’s tourism destination offerings, growing the economic impact of the tourism sector, and fostering the diversification of markets.

Cancun is every luxury resort lover’s dream but tourism is everyone’s business so Tianguis Turistico must be every Mexican’s achievement. For international visitors like myself, Tianguis, Cancun lacked the warmth that Puebla showed us last year. The destination which was especially built for tourism is clean and beautiful with a stretch of white sand beaches. It has over 100 luxury hotels in Cancun and another 100 more in Riviera Maya. Nevertheless, the destination could not offer any more than the luxury hotels and pristine beaches on display.

Cancun, home to Mexico’s second most important airport “CUN” and one of the country’s best tourism destinations lacked character and authenticity. For this reason, I really hope that President Enrique Pena Nieto did not mean it when he said that he wanted to “emulate the success Quintana Roo has within Tourism”, and that “Cancun should be an example the rest of the country should follow”. For Quintana Roo, culture and history comes in the form of a journey through Mexico, and a tour of traditions and nature at the Xcaret eco-archaeological Park in the Riviera Maya.

I stayed at the luxurious Fiesta American Grand Coral Beach Cancun Resort & Spa and I cannot fault this beautiful resort hotel with very lovely and dedicated staff. However, amidst all the fanfare of infrastructure, travellers like to appreciate the warmth of the people at the destination they visit. This is why I pray that for every new destination that Mexico creates in its new-found love for tourism she remembers its people, culture and history and tries to inject some into the process.

“Mexico is moving” and I really hope that she is moving towards a combination of ethnicity, infrastructure and tourism rather than solely towards infrastructure and tourism. Cancun is “clinical” but I do not think that it is too late to inject some character and culture into its veins. The luxurious hotels, Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall with its first class brands, pristine beaches, and beautiful landscape would all embrace culture with open arms; culture would in turn compliment the fresh seafood, luxury shopping and the resort lifestyle it offers.

What Cancun lacked, Puebla delivered through the warmth of her people. Puebla was the first colonial city to ever host the event and by hosting the 38th Tianguis Turistico, Puebla allowed Mexico to share with the world the rich culture and natural beauty the country has to offer.

Life begins at 40 and Tianguis goes back to its roots
Tianguis will be celebrating its 40th anniversary from the place where tourism began for Mexico. The venue is Acapulco, on the sunny, Southern Pacific coast. Famous for beach resorts, Acapulco has the most beautiful bay in the world. The destination assures us that the “best is yet to come”. It is intended that Tianguis Turistico 2015 will help rescue the traditional resort town. Javier Aluni Montes, Secretary of Formento Turistico, State Government of Guerrero says that the State is working hard to offer a top notch 40th anniversary to Tianguis.

The baton has now been passed and Executive Traveller learns that there is a lot more to Acapulco than its reputation as a beach resort tourism industry and haven for daiquiris, dining and discos. Acapulco also boasts ancient archaeological relics, a rich Asian-Afro-European history, sumptuous comforts, outstanding golf and a full offering of eco-recreation.

We therefore wish Acapulco every success as it prepares to host the 40th Anniversary of Tianguis and above all, we wish that she will endeavour to include the people of Acapulco, its culture and history amidst its luxurious infrastructure to give Tianguis the 40th Anniversary that it deserves.

Enjoy a lively musical journey through Mexico's history in Tlachco theater in Xcaret. More than 300 artists on stage, costumes and traditional dances.

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