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Danish MEETOVATION© - Where Smart Brains Meet

They tried it on children and created geniuses and now the Danish are revitalising meetings with colour and ideas and injecting brain food into the process to speed up the decision-making.

Have you heard the one about Return on Meeting Investments (ROMI)? Well, the Danish have embraced their creative skills and initiated a service to eliminate boring meetings – they call it Meetovation. Meetovation is designed to end boring one-way communication and traditional meeting room layouts. The idea is to aim for a better However, it is not all about boring meetings in Denmark, they also ensure that it is environmentally friendly and that participants attain some form of intelligence so as to enjoy the meetings too. For this, a team of Danish brain researchers and cooks have researched far and wide and discovered how food affects the way the brain works. Apparently, nuts, chocolate, curry, tomatoes, beetroots, garlic, honey, maple syrup and green tea stimulate the brain. So avoid sugar, meat and fatty foods and excessive coffee and you are on your way to becoming Einstein; serve these at your meetings and your participants will stay awake throughout the discussions.

There is strong evidence that omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil can lower cholesterol, help stave off Alzheimer’s disease and make us smarter, so this is high on the menu too.

To create a successful meeting, you are advised to set up a lively meeting room and then drum in some invigorating activities and bingo you are sure to close the meeting with some sensible corporate decisions.

How do they do this?

For meetovation, it is all about Participation, Flexibility, Responsibility, Evaluation and Relocation. The key issue here is that participants are encouraged to engage actively and have a new creative approach to a far more flexible use of conference facilities. The shapes of the meetings are different than traditional meetings. The Danish are convinced that breaking with one-way communication is a liberating experience for delegates and organisers alike. The Meetovation project has been created by VisitDenmark, the Official Tourism Organisation of Denmark, in co-operation with experts from the regional meeting and congress agencies, professional facilitators, manager advisors and meeting organisers as well as a wide selection of Danish conference centres, hotels and culture institutions. The project is co-financed with support from the Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs.

Chefs, meeting planners as well as conference and meetings destinations across the globe are now working together to ensure that food served at meetings help people to stay sharp throughout the day. They are also introducing creative processes into meeting setups.

Founded in 1167 and named 6th most popular congress by the International Congress & Convention Association, Copenhagen has a lot to shout about when it come to meetings. In 2009 alone, Copenhagen hosted 109 international congresses.

The Destination:
With low international crime rate, Copenhagen is designed to make the journey between airport, hotel and conference facilities as practical as possible. It proudly boasts itself to be one of the greenest capitals in the world. Some hotels have been certified by The Green Key – the internationally recognised environmental certification of the hotel industry.

Hotel accommodation:
Copenhagen is blessed with many hotels and last year alone, 1,600 new hotels were opened in the Danish capital, bringing to about 19,000 the total number of hotels in the capital. Hotel qualities vary though especially as grading in Copenhagen is not so much about the service provided or quality of product offered to guests but based on the certain minimal facilities available in the establishment. This is to say that five star grading of a hotel may not necessarily mean that you will be presented with the highest standard or the best quality of service. Guests may find Budget hotels like Wakeup hotel providing cleaner or competitive facilities to that of five-star graded Radisson Blu whose service and facilities falls short of its grading.

The newly opened 400-room themed hotel four-star Tivoli hotel throws the whole grading system out of the window with its new conference facilities. The hotel is beautifully designed with almost everything you would expect from a five-star facility. The Tivoli theme is carried out through the state-of-the-art conference centre.

Irrespective of hotel grading, most conference hotels in Copenhagen strive to meet the basic requirements of the Danish MEETOVATION© programme, serving brain food and using carbon neutral facilities and services as well as EU requirements for certified Green Buildings.

Brain Food as prepared by the Radisson Blu Chefs in Copenhagen

Conference Food and Drink
One of the unique products introduced at the MIND event was the use of brain food to enhance delegate participation at meetings and conferences.

Chefs at the Radisson Blue in Copenhagen for example, have created “Brain Food” menus which encourage delegates to keep a healthy lifestyle and keep them alert throughout their meetings or conference. Such is the success of this brain food menu that the hotel has introduced it for its own staff.


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