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St Martin’s Courtyard – Covent Garden Shopping and Dining Destination

St Martins Courtyard, London

One cannot visit London without taking a stroll through the Capital’s famous Covent Garden. That aside, we are quite eager to share a unique lifestyle discovery that we made in the heart of Covent Garden with St Martin’s Courtyard. This shopping and dining destination is set in and around a beautiful open air landscaped courtyard. It has al fresco seating and greenery space that creates a relaxed yet vibrant urban oasis. Entrance to the courtyard is via Slingsby Place, a wide pedestrianised lane lined with boutiques. There are two additional entrances on Mercer Street and Upper St Martin’s Lane.

Flagship stores, international brands, and new concepts have been handpicked to create an exclusive shopping experience in St Martin’s Courtyard alongside Long Acre. However, it is not all about shopping in St Martin’s Courtyard; it is the complete lifestyle experience that attracts you to the destination.

Places to eat in St Martin's Courtyard

St Martin’s Courtyard has six restaurants offering diners a wide range of choice from around the world. The restaurants range from Italian, through to Thai and Indian.

Dishoom- A Bombay Café in London
This is where we discovered Haleem – a slow-cooked delicacy. Haleem, a celebratory delicacy of Arab origin has been served for centuries in the royal palaces of Saudi Arabia. The story goes that it was first more

Fitness and Relaxation


You can start the day with a yoga experience at Yotopia where classes take place in two beautiful yoga studios, with quality wooden floors. Yotopia teaches revolutionary techniques in both hot and regular studios. Both studios are at first floor level where shoes are not allowed. The studios have large windows extending across one wall allowing for natural light to flood in. Candles are used in some evening classes to bring that extra special touch. Yotopia supplies very high quality mats free of charge for the classes.
Yoga sessions at Yotopia, Covent Garden

Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates are practiced in a specially designed hot and humid studio, using advanced technology, at a temperature of approximately 35°C, and a humidity of around 50%. The studio has been designed to ensure that the heat and humidity are carefully controlled, and optimum levels of fresh oxygen are flushed into the studio. It is recommended that you take a towel to these classes though there are some for hire at the studio for a £1. You may also need a padlock for your locker or leave an ID card to hire one on arrival.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

Coffee at the upmarket Department of Coffee and Social Affairs will certainly wake you up. This fancy coffee place with a civil service name started serving coffee to local residents and workers in Leather Lane market before adding four more specialist coffee shops across central London including the popular Speakeasy Expresso & Brew Bar in Carnaby Street and the trendy Tonic Coffee Bar in the heart of the West End. They have also established a Coffee School programme and have become a leading retailer of home coffee-making equipment.

Feel Brand New and Relaxed at Relax Day Spa

Massage at RELAX, St Martins Courtyard

Day Spas do not come any more varied and reassuring than RELAX at St Martin’s Courtyard. This is the place where massage and beauty treatments are provided to both men and women (and couples!) in sublime surroundings. Luxury spa Relax specialises in energising or relaxing massage, natural treatments and gorgeous beauty products. The very friendly and professional team at RELAX offer a strictly professionals service with adequate passion to make you feel relaxed and reassured for the rest of the day! There a variety of treatments which the staff can guide you through and our tried and tested deep tissue massage comes highly recommended.

Chair Massage at RELAX, St Martins Courtyard

The surroundings are appealing with a ground floor made up of beautiful and contemporary design mix of Chair massage and natural retail products. And the first floor is an oasis of tranquillity with luxurious treatment rooms, showers and a stunningly spacious client lounge that overlooks St Martin’s Courtyard.

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