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John Travolta and family among VIP who flew into Lanseria

Actor and Pilot John Travolta arriving at Lanseria Airport near Johannesburg
ExecuJet FBO has been very busy receiving VIPs who chose to travel with business jets into South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Actor and Pilot John Travolta who is also Ambassador for Qantas Airlines landed his Boeing 707 from Buenos Aires to Lanseria Airport to lend his support to the Australian National Team. He was accompanied by his wife Kelly Preston and daughter Ella.
With the influx of visiting aircraft, additional parking space has had to be arranged with Lanseria International Airport. Business jets are being parked on the ExecuJet apron, the Lanseria freight apron, as well as on the parallel runway 06R.

ExecuJet ground personnel have been working 12 hour shifts, 24/7 with the additional support of 15 temporary FBO experienced workers. Approximately 160 different aircraft and over 350 movements are already confirmed to arrive at ExecuJet’s Lanseria FBO for the duration of the soccer tournament.
ExecuJet’s Cape Town FBO, meanwhile, will handle approximately 120 international aircraft over the period, although this is increasing daily. This represents a 300% increase in movements.
“The majority of aircraft arrivals are inbound from the USA and Europe, but South America and African countries are commonly filing for last minute requests and additional request for already confirmed arrivals is a daily occurrence, especially before each game.“ said Mark Abbott, ExecuJet Aviation Group FBO Director “There is a real buzz at the FBOs here. It’s very exciting and everyone is working really hard.“ he added.
ExecuJet South Africa’s charter department experienced an upswing with many soccer supporters travelling around the country in chartered aircraft. On Tuesday 22 June, the company’s Lanseria base broke another record with 34 chartered aircraft movements during a 16 hour period. This is equivalent to a departure or arrival every 20 minutes The ExecuJet FBO facility at Lanseria near Johannesburg handled 197 business jet movements in the first week including arrivals from 27 Heads of State.

Why use Business Jet?
Private aviation is what we call productivity travel. When time is acutely limited and absolutely valuable, there are genuinely efficient and productive ways to travel. Today’s markets favour the slow but rewards the quick so why let your competitor win another one over you? With business jets, on-the-road costs such as hotels, meals, airport parking, rental cars and taxis can be minimized by efficient, shorter itineraries. Add the privacy and quietness (no competitors watching or listening) available to business aircraft passengers, a lack of interruptions (no strangers or crying babies aboard), the availability of club seating and tables (to spread out, share, work), and access to office equipment, the office- like environment on business environment can facilitate unusually high levels of collaboration and productivity.




Business Aviation
Business aviation relates to the services where travellers use private aircraft like helicopters and business jets instead of flying commercial.
Business aviation is vital to the national economic interest, generating over a million jobs, providing a lifeline to communities with little or no airline service, helping thousands of businesses of all sizes to be more productive and efficient, and providing emergency and humanitarian services to people in need. According to a recent survey commissioned by the No Plane No Gain campaign, employees use their time onboard company aircraft more effectively and productively than when they are on airline flights. Some passengers even estimate that they are more productive on the company aircraft than they are in the office because of fewer distractions. To learn more about the many ways business aviation benefits the national economic and transportation systems, visit NoPlaneNoGain.org.



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