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The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Need to spend gold? Visit the Emirates Palace

The world’s first gold vending machine has a perfect home.

Got cash – Get gold. The Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi welcomed its new resident for the global launch of GOLD to go® on 12 May 2010 a gold vending machine. The machine itself is 24 carat gold-plated, fits perfectly to its location at the Emirates Palace, often referred to as the golden hotel since its opening 5 years ago

Developed by TG Gold-Super-Markt, a brand of Ex Oriente Lux AG, the new gold vending machine is installed in this unique luxury hotel and resort and features advanced technology and a wide array of products. In addition to 1 g, 5 g and 10 g bars of gold, the machine also dispenses gold coins bearing designs such as the Krugerrand, Maple Leaf and Kangaroo, which are sold in gift boxes at real-time prices. In this domain of the rich and the
beautiful, GOLD to go® will be perceived as an extra special gift idea, combining the joy of giving with an investment in a precious metal – physical gold is, after all, still one of the most sustainable forms of investment.

A computer inside the machine ensures that the real-time prices are updated in line with the online shop at This eliminates the risk premiums usually associated with precious metal trading. As no sales staffs are needed to operate the machine, clients benefit from very competitive prices. All of the gold bars sold are 24 carat and every item comes with a money-back guarantee. It has never been easier for individuals to purchase gold bars and coins in guaranteed quality quickly, simply and conveniently at fair prices.
The gold vending machine therefore offers private investors an opportunity to top up their gold caches. With their sophisticated packaging, the gold products from the machine are also ideal as special gifts with long-term value.

The Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi is one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, exuding the kind of luxury that can now only be found in a handful of places. It is an establishment which does not stop at fulfilling its guests’ expectations in every way – it prides itself on exceeding them and this is a continuation of its aims to deliver world class solutions as a first in the hospitality industry.

“If you ever have the privilege of staying in a place as wonderful as this you will surely want to take a special souvenir home with you,” enthuses
Thomas Geissler, CEO of Ex Oriente Lux AG.(photo right) “And what could be more fitting than pure gold after a stay in such an exclusive atmosphere?” he adds. “We seized upon this idea and, as one of the most exclusive hotels in the world, we wanted the Emirates Palace to play a pioneering role and be the first hotel in the world to offer its guests this golden service,” General Manager Hans Olbertz states with pride. “Emirates Palace initiated The Gold List earlier this year for guests and visitors to purchase special items to treasure their memories of their visit and provide cherished gifts” from the Emirates Palace Boutique advises Janet Abrahams, Executive Director of Sales & Marketing Emirates Palace.

“The opportunity to include Emirates Palace gold coins from the gold vending machine will be available soon, so whether you are an investor, luxury traveller, or a visitor to this iconic landmark of Abu Dhabi, it is simply the perfect gift”, she added.

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