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A-Z of Tried and Tested Gadgets
• Anywhere Bluetooth speakerphone
• Cargo boxes
• Caxton FX Currency Cards
• Digimemo A501
• disgo's 3G enabled tablet
• Eye-Fi Connect X2
• iPad Cases
• Light hard roller travel cases
• Portable device charger
• Portable shakeawake alarm clock ffrom RNID
Roof Racks
Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone
• Stylus+Pen+Laser
• Superzoom travel camera
• TRACE Me luggage tags
• Travel Cases
Travel Speakers
USB microphones
Wireless memory card
Tried and Tested Gadgets

Travel gadgets increase all the fun in travel. The latest in mobile technology add to the pleasure of travel. From laptops to laptop carriers, iPods to mobile phones to blackberrys, PDAs to GPS, digimemos to voice recording equipments, WiFi destinations and it just does not stop there.

The DigiMemo A501

digimemoA501The latest in record keeping while you are up and about is the Innovative DigiMemo A501, which allows you to digitally capture and store everything you write on ordinary paper, organize in PC and send via email. This is the new technology from ACE CAD Enterprise Co., Ltd. (ACECAD), a worldwide leading manufacturer of Pen Input Device and Graphics Table.

The DigiMemo A501is a stand-alone device with storage capabilities that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw on paper, without the use of computers and special papers. Utilizing the electromagnetic technology, it allows you to affix any ordinary papers or notepad (up to 150mm x 211mm / 5.9 " x 8.3 " ; A5-size) on the digital pad and write with ink. Without changing the way you work, it writes as well as a ballpoint pen on ordinary paper, but also digitally records your notes, ideas, drawings, sketches and flowcharts in the pad’s flash memory or optional Compact Flash (CF) card in real time. DigiMemo enables you to work in ways that you are familiar with, the ease of use and convenience of pen and paper.

The beauty of the DigiMemo A501 is that you simply upload your drafts in a word document and send it to the office even before your return. This is an ideal solution especially for those who need to include tables or sketches in their notes. DigiMemo is available from Selwyn Electronics at www.selwyn.co.uk.




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