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The Caxton FX Currency Cards

If you are a frequent or casual traveller who likes to know that your money is safe in your wallet at all times, or are simply not comfortable with working out exchange rates, you may want to try the Caxton FX currency cards. These are prepaid cards that you apply for on the Caxton FX website and depending on the card that you use, upload at least £100 and use the card freely at cash points or at any place that you find the MasterCard sign.

The company has three types of cards namely, the Euro card for those travelling within the Euro zone, the Dollar card for those travelling to the USA and the Global Traveller card for travelling outside of the Euro and USD zones, or to multiple destinations including Europe and the US.

Caxton FX CEO Rupert Lee-Browne established Caxton FX which issues the ATM fee free Traveller cards after a successful career as a management consultant for financial and media groups as well as involvement in successful start-ups in media and IT.
Once activated, your Caxton FX card is ready to use overseas - just like a normal debit card, without the fees and charges. Your Currency Card is accepted wherever you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark and is a much safer alternative to cash. You can reload it online, via the phone or SMS, again and again, anywhere in the world.
With the Dollar and Euro cards, what you see is what you get. This means that a restaurant bill in Paris for €150 for example actually costs you €150 and a stint in Manhattan for actually costs you $75. For the Global Traveller Card however, the balance remains in Sterling at all times. Funds are converted live to the appropriate currency at the point of a sale, including ATM's, giving you the flexibility to use it globally.
For all cards there are:
1. No ATM charges when overseas.
2. No fees, commission, or extra charges on your transactions meaning all costs and charges are included in the exchange rate applied.
3. Simply load the card using your UK debit card either online, over the phone, or via text.
4. It's a MasterCard card meaning it can be used anywhere you see the MasterCard Acceptance Mark, whether in a store, online or at an ATM.
5. The exchange rate applied is fixed at 2.5% from the prevailing interbank rate.
6. Chip and PIN Secure


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