Cool Gadgets in Executive Traveller: Discover the Powerfreakz Evolution 2500 portable charger
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The Powerstrap Portable device charger while on the move

Every day, someone invents a charger that allows you to charge your device while on the move and Executive Traveller never fails to bring the most intriguing ones to your attention.

This month’s cool gadget is the Powerstrap; the first product launched by London-based Orca Global Trading Ltd. Orca has created a powerful wrist strap made from a series of batteries to keep users fully charged and connected while out and about. Before you can use your wrist power strap, you will first have to charge it for about 5-6 hours through a USB port. This enables the six Li-Ion polymer battery cells with a total of 1500mAH of power enclosed in the highly water resistant gel casing power strap to charge fully to provide life to many different kinds of portable devices like iPods, mobile phones, mp3/mp4 players, digital cameras, handheld games consoles and lots more.

The kit comes with ten adaptors; which means that you can charge a variety of adaptors on the go.

How to use
When the Powerstrap is fully charged, all four LED lights will illuminate; connect the device to it via one of the adapters and charge or play your device as appropriate.
The Powerstrap is available from Amazon or £39.99 including VAT. You can order your personal charge in a bold stylish colour of your choice; yellow, green, blue, red, white or black.


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