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GRIFFFIN Travel Speaker System
Music definitely helps make the journey easier

Griffin travel speaker

Travelling on the road is perhaps the only place where you can play your music as loud as you wish in the car without anyone telling you off or calling the law on you. There’s nothing like flying down the road listening to great music. One essential item to do before hitting the road - if you love music as much as I do - is to select your songs and create a "soundtrack" for your vacation by either burning CD’s or loading an MP3 player. You’ll enjoy your road trip more and every song will bring back memories of your adventure long after it’s ended.

With all the sound track uploaded on your iPod or iPhone, simply plug it into the stereo speakers and create some big sounds.

The wonderful travel speaker system does not need batteries to work and with its adjustable depth dock bay it is compatible with most iPod and iPhone. It comes complete with a charge and sync smartphone or iPod cable and works with most USB chargers too.

It you are travelling in a group, creating your soundtrack should be a group project with every passenger participating. This will guarantee that there’s something for everyone on it, making it truly yours as a team (which is what you definitely are if you’re on a road trip). You can get together and do it as a project, or if your calendars are too busy, have everyone submit their list of suggested tunes.


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