The Silhouette IQ-POL 2010
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The Silhouette IQ-POL 2010
Eyewear maker Silhouette offers us polarised sun protection lenses with its IQ POL 2010 – the new 12 layer sun protection for eyes.

Based on the fact that the most intelligent sun protection for the eyes should offer polarised sun protection lenses, which are considered to be the sun protection technology of the future, Silhouette’s research and development experts have grappled intensely with this issue and produced the most advanced polarisation technology in the world, the 12-layer technology – referred to by Silhouette as IQ-POL.

Putting aside the obvious benefits of sun protection, the IQ POL 2010 is pretty stylish too. They are very comfortable and the remarkable thing about this pair is not so much the many benefits that you gain from the polarised sun protection lenses but the weightless nature in which it is presented. One can easily be fooled in thinking that its lightness does not make it durable but on the contrary, the lightness of the glasses is one of its strengthsWith a weight of only 1.8 grams and around 10 grams including lenses, the whole Silhouette collection is so light that it is suitable for and recommended for astronauts who can wear them while in orbit.
Model wearing the Silhouette IQ-POL Sunglasses

The glasses exert very little pressure on the sensitive areas of the face making them very favourable for those who have to wear them all the time and in demanding conditions.
It also has unique features which include a temple made from one piece of titanium that does not require screw fitting, a Twin Lock system developed to attach the lenses whilst increasing break resistance and a pretty stylish look too.

What you get with the IQ-POL
A Glare-free and Relaxed Glimpse at the Sun
Facts & Figures for IQ-POL:
o Polarised sun protection lenses are the only way to avoid disruptive glare, which results from the reflection of light on horizontal surfaces (asphalt, water etc.).
o Reflected light-waves are horizontally aligned, unable to pass through the vertically aligned polarisation filter of a pair of sunglasses, and are thereby efficiently filtered out.
o IQ-POL sun protection lenses are created from a multitude of synthetic material layers, which are molecularly fused together under high pressure and at a high temperature. Special light filters are built in between the layers of synthetic material – these guarantee that the reflected rays of sunshine are filtered out.
o Contrasts are more strongly perceived through polarised sun protection lenses.
o Polarised sun protection lenses balance light differences, whereby the eyes have to adjust less frequently to differing lighting conditions and become tired less quickly.
o Safety can be increased by means of IQ-POL sun protection lenses, especially in traffic, where a large part of accidents are still caused by glare.
o Sun protection lenses with polarisation technology have 100% UV protection, and filter out at least 85% of the dangerous blue light – regardless of the colour of the sun protection lenses.
o When the sun protection of polarised sun protection lenses – pol-filters - is compared with those of sun cosmetics, one can assume a sun protection factor of 60 to 70 (European standard).
o Polarised sun protection lenses are referred to by experts as the sunglass technology of the future; ultimately, they are the only ones that are able to block the dangerous and unpleasant reflections of the sunlight.
o IQ-POL sun protection lenses by Silhouette are available in the colours grey, brown and green.
For further information: and try your own pair online!


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