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How to become a New Globe Traveller and join the League of New Heroes - One for One. One to One
It is all about being a conscious consumer; one who likes to own a premium product but is also aware of their responsibility to the planet and society.

Raj Olickel Founder of the New Globe Traveller concept
When Social Entrepreneur Raj Olickel founded the New Globe Traveller he had a one for one brand in mind. A process whereby premium quality leather bags are sold the conscious consumer and a percentage of the sale value is used to support a child in education.
Raj has spent the last decade trying to find ways to connect business with tangible social change. Globe Travel Centre, the UK based tour operation business he owns has been the centre of several such experiments including initiatives like One Traveller One Cause, which connects every client with a cause at the destination. Raj grew up in India and has lived in the UK for the past 15 years giving him a better perspective on how global businesses can make a big difference by supporting causes in developing countries with very small contributions which often go a long way.

New Globe Traveller is an ethical venture introducing the first One for One, One to One business model whereby buyers of the Company’s upcycled luxury products will get the opportunity to make a tangible difference to the Planet and society.

The Globe Traveller Laptop bag

For this new concept, New Globe Traveller has partnered with “Nanhi Kali”, a foundation that has been working towards supporting the education of girl children across India since 1996. The scholarship is given in the purchaser’s name to support the education of an underprivileged child for a year. The interesting thing is that your name and selfie are sent to the child so that she knows who supports her. The products are upcycled which means that they reduce waste going to the World’s landfills whereby protecting the planet.

How it works:
Select your ideal premium product from the New Globe Traveller website; this would ideally be a higher value product like the weekend hold-all, laptop/business bag or backpack to support the primary school education of an under-privileged child for the whole year; or simply buy one of the smaller products like a document holder, iPad cover or passport holder and an educational creativity kit is given in your name to young street children aged under five.

The Globe Traveller Weekend Holdall
The primary school education scholarship will provide tutorial, material and social support such as additional help with academic work, books, bags, shoes for the whole year. Most of the children supported are first generation learners from impoverished families and so tend to drop out of school. Social support helps to get them encouraged and motivated.
Send in your selfie at the time of purchase. You can even choose to personalize your product with your initials.
Your League of Heroes Passport

When you receive your unique, handcrafted product, you will also get some special extras such as your Aviator badge, and a picture of the child you supported together with a “thank you” note.
This is when you join enter the New League of Heroes – a very proud moment indeed!


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