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Sportviz Prescription Ski Mask with unique snap in lens ‘Inzert’
Good news for skiers with prescription glasses.

One of the headaches that skiers who wear prescription glasses face is how to combine their usual prescription glasses with the protective ski goggles. It was therefore great to learn that Sportviz has introduced an affordable and stylish prescription Ski Mask to complement its growing range of sport eyewear for people with vision problems. It is all about safety.

Being able to see clearly on the slopes, while enjoying the stunning mountainous scenery in ski resorts, will make any skier’s holiday both safer and more pleasurable. Executive Traveller tried and tested the Sportviz Prescription Ski Mask with unique snap in lens ‘Inzert’ for this purpose.

Sportviz ski mask

This is how it works
You visit the Sportsviz website, to order any sports goggles/glasses of your choice. The “inzerts” can be ordered separately to fit into any goggles. When ordering you are given the option to enter your prescription details in the drop-down menu or choose the option to email your prescription if you are not confident to enter the details yourself.

We tried and tested the inzert with the Sportsviz ATS Core Ski Mask. The new mask comes in two colour options come with a unique snap in prescription lens ‘Inzert’, which has been fitted with CR39 ophthalmic lenses to match the wearer’s exact prescription, providing clear 20/20 vision for all glasses wearers, including Bifocal and Varifocal. The Inzert can also be interchanged between any prescription Sportviz mask, including the Aquaviz swim and snorkel masks.

Sportsviz Ski Mask with unique snap in prescription lens ‘Inzert’

Lightweight and aerodynamic, the high quality TPU Sportviz Ski Mask ensures cold temperature flexibility and triple layer face foam guarantees not only warmth, but a perfectly comfortable ‘mask to face’ fit which seals out all wintry elements. The Double Spherical lens design offers full UV protection and incorporates decentred technology for exceptional clarity, comfort and performance.
Whether you’re a glasses wearer starting out on the nursery slopes or braving the faster red or black runs, Sportviz Ski Mask has an adjustable Silicon lined head strap to ensure the mask stays securely in place at all times, no matter how fast you’re skiing. It also complements a helmet perfectly.

The Sportviz ski mask is priced at £44.95 plus postage and packaging and comes in its own microfiber pouch, for cleaning, and a storage box. A prescription lens ‘Inzert’ can then be purchased for as little as £25 for single vision lenses.

The mask/goggles incorporate anti-fog coating on the inside of lens so do not wipe, rub or use any treatment on the insider of lens and avoid touching as this can weaken the anti-fog coating.

Another safe and clear visibility time on the piste this ski season!

For further information, please visit www.sportviz.com


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