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Tried and Tested Gadgets

We have the pleasure of presenting a travel gadget for the partially sighted. This means that every traveller can find a gagdet to appreciate on executivetraveller.net.

Portable Shakeawake Alarm clock from RNID 

Travellers with early morning flights no longer have to worry about sleeping through their alarm thanks to the Portable Shakeawake alarm clock from RNID. This funky gadget is designed to gently shake you awake wherever you are, making it the perfect travel companion this summer. RNID is the largest charity representing the 9 million deaf and hard of hearing people in the UK . As a membership charity, their aim is to achieve a radically better quality of life for deaf and hard of hearing people.

The vibration from the Shakeawake is said to be strong enough to wake the heaviest of sleepers, and with a choice of vibrating and audible alerts, there is little chance of ignoring it! It simply clips securely to the inside of your pillow-case, without causing any discomfort while you sleep. Its compact design allows you to pop it into a bag when travelling, without weighing you down.

For holiday-makers who like to take a siesta in the shade, and want to be woken up without disturbing others, a vibrating watch could be just the ticket. It is great for time-keeping, and looks good too. Available in six eye-catching designs, there is a style to suit all tastes.

RNID products on 0870 789 8855 or Textphone 01733 238020 or order online at www.rnidshop.com

 The Portable Shakeawake costs £14.99 excl VAT, £17.61 incl VAT

The Vibrating Watches range from £28.00 to £40.54

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