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The new EXILIM EX-H10 “Superzoom”

Are you someone who likes discrete gadgets when travelling? If this is you, then the Casio EX-H10 12.1 megapixel would be welcome news. Casio’s new ultra-slim “Superzoom” camera has an impressive 10X optical zoom allowing users to take pictures of entire buildings or far away objects without compromising on image quality. It also has a 24mm wide angle lens which allows the camera to squeeze more in each shot - making it ideal for landscapes.

Travelling with cameras can be cumbersome so a slim camera that fits easily into a pocket or handbag with a long lasting battery allowing you to take 1,000 shots with one charged battery is definitely ideal. You can take 142 shots, the equivalent of a week’s usage, on a fully charged camera

The Seven Features that make the new Casio EXILIM EX-H10 “Superzoom a “value-for-money” buy?
1. 10X optical zoom lens and 4X digital zoom
This new camera boasts up to 40X zoom with the combination of 10X optical and 4X digital with 12.1 million effective pixels. This means that you can take pictures of entire buildings or far away objects without losing focus.
2. 24mm wide lens
Whether for landscape photos, tourist sights or group pictures in confined spaces, the 24 mm wide-angle lens makes the EX-H10 the perfect companion whatever the occasion. The 24 mm focal length allows users to capture a larger area and include more friends in a group photo from only a short distance away.
3. HD video recording
The HD video recording feature on the EXILIM EX-H10 allows users to shoot high-resolution and detailed videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels for ten minutes. Simply press the Movie button and start recording. The 16:9 wide-screen format gives video clips an expressive, professionally filmed character.
4. Dynamic Photo function
With the Dynamic Photo function, users can cut a subject out of a photo that has just been taken and use another photo as a background. Several subjects can be cut from a serial picture recording and used to create an image sequence in which only the subject moves and the background remains static. Users now have the option of changing the size of the subject and adapting it to the background.
5. Landscape Mode
The EX-H10 is equipped with a Landscape Mode for landscape photos. The image processing automatically reduces cloud, haziness or mist in the picture with the result that the skyline appears clearer, contours are shown clearly and the sky is bright. The EX-H10 comes with a separate "Landscape Mode" button to activate or de-activate the function quickly.
6. EXILIM Engine 4.0
Backlight, portrait, landscape and night-time photos or poor lighting conditions - the new EXILIM Engine 4.0 image processor enables users to overcome all these challenges. The EXILIM Engine 4.0 processes complex images very quickly and ensures excellent image quality with moiré and noise suppression. Despite its vast functionality the EX-H10’s energy consumption has been reduced by almost 30%, increasing the battery life significantly.
7. 1,000 shot battery life
Casio has improved the battery life of the camera to make it one of the longest lasting camera batteries on the market. Ideal for the traveller especially if you do not have adapter plugs to charge batteries while travelling!
Our tried and tested verdict: Like every gadget, you will need to read instructions in order to enjoy all the features adequately. The immediate benefit of this camera is its size and weight. It is practical, fits easily into a lady’s hand bag and can make any guy look good as well.

The EX-H10 retails at £280 and can be purchased from all good camera stockists and www.casioatcarnaby.co.uk


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