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Tried and Tested Techs & Gadgets

Griffin’s Stylus+Pen+Laser

Refillable ballpoint pen, Precision control stylus for use on smartphones, gaming, writing and sketching Laser pointer for presentations.

The Griffin Stylus + Pen+Laser are arguably the best multipurpose practical small gadget I have reviewed for a long time. I can go as far as say that they are the best thing that happened to pens since the first patent on a ballpoint pen was issued on 30 October 1888.

John Loud a leather tanner, who was attempting to make a writing instrument that would be able to write on his leather products, which then-common fountain pens could not do, was issued the first patent for his attempts. Loud's pen had a small rotating steel ball, held in place by a socket. Although it could be used to mark rough surfaces such as leather, as Loud intended, it proved to be too coarse for letter writing and was not commercially viable.

Time has definitely moved on and the Griffin’s Stylus + Pen+Laser pointer offer the functionality of a stylus whilst doubling up as a faithful ballpoint pen helping you minimize your packing. When it comes to touch screen activities, unlike your finger, the stylus’ capacitive tip keeps your touch screen free of fingerprints and smudges whilst it gives you more precise control over any touch screen operation.

That is not all! The Stylus triples as a laser pointer for presentations as well. One feels like James Bond when you pull the pen out of your pocket and start using it as a laser pointer on presentations - priceless.

It's perfect for flight simulator apps, sketching, drawing, photography apps and any use where you need finer control than your finger. Simply remove the cap to use as a pen.
It is simply wonderful!

Length 5.25 inches
Refillable ballpoint pen with black ink
Tip for capacitive touch screen tablets and smartphones
Laser pointer battery 3 x 1.5V CR22 (included)

Stylus + Pen, £29.99 from Tesco stores nationwide or online www.tesco.com



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