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The very spacious 6202B Thule Motion 200 Cargo Box

Some “must haves” on a great road trip
How big is your car? How many people can comfortably fit in it? How large is your trunk? What are you packing – a cooler, grill, camping gear? Be realistic about how many people can ride for hours with all of that stuff. If necessary, get one of those cargo carriers you can put on the top of your car and put some of your stuff in that.
We tried and tested the 6202B Thule Motion 200 Cargo Box for this purpose.
This cargo box keeps your things away from the elements (and other people) with the hard-shell protection and security of the boxes. The box is very spacious and sleek; but it is more than just sleek – it offers the capacity to accommodate whatever you’re bringing.

The very spacious 6202B Thule Motion 200 Cargo Box features
The very spacious 6202B Thule Motion 200 Cargo Box features
• Optimized design for best space efficiency.
• Pre-installed Power-Click quick mounting system with integrated torque indicator for easy and secure fixation with a single-handed grip.
• It has several locking points for maximum safety and theft protection, and the grip-friendly key cannot be removed unless they are all securely closed. Something that you will find very useful especially if you have to park your car outside while travelling.
• Its patented Dual-Force spring system with outside handles guarantees a convenient opening and closing of the box.
• The box has been designed for having a forwarded position on the car roof allowing you to have full access to the trunk without interference with the roof box.
• Capable for loading up to 75 kgs
• Equipped with outside handles – for best opening and closing performance
• Indicator to give feedback when the cargo box is correctly fastened
• Opens from both sides with Dual-Side opening function – for easy mounting and convenient loading and unloading.
• Securely and easily locked through central locking system
• Available in four sizes: Thule Motion 200 (450 litres), Thule Motion 600 (350 litres), (800 and 900) and 3 exclusive colours (black, titan and silver glossy).

Unique features:
Central Locking: Each roof box has several locking points, for safety and theft protection. The central locking feature means that the key can only be removed if all locking points are securely closed.

Power-Click: Thule’s unique, patented quick-mount power-click system allows you to fit a roof very quickly, safely and easily. It is equipped with a torque indicator for the securest possible fixation together with Grip claws that are tightened around the load bar as four knobs inside the box are turned. The entire fitting is done in a matter of minutes. The grip claws are self-centering over the load bar as they are closed, for maximum security and ease of use. You can fit load bars up to 80 mm width.

The dual-side is a patented Thule feature that enables the box to be opened from both sides of the roof. This also allows for easy loading and access to the load, as well as facilitating the mounting of the roof box.

Another patented spring system that makes it easier to open and close the lid of the box in a smooth motion.

Transporting Skis
If you love skiing and need to fit in your skis, Thule makes a safe and protective transportation of your skis inside a roof box. For this you will need the Thule Box Ski Carrier to keep the skis in order inside the box. Just select the right size by looking under the Accessories tab for each roof box.

The Thule Silent Roof Rack

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