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solCHAT Solar Powered Bluetooth Speakerphone

The Innovators of iPod and iPhone Accessories have launched the solCHAT solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone in UK
The solCHAT solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone will allow you to talk handsfree in your car; but you will have to make sure that the conversation is passenger friendly though! This is because by transferring contacts from a mobile phone to the solCHAT via Bluetooth, users can make use of the built in voice features including caller ID which announces every caller.
After you have charged the gadget using the USB charging, the carefully crafted solCHAT gadget allows you to make a call using voice dial, receive a call, end a call, reject a call, switch between two calls, voice dial a call, redial a call, transfer a call, phonebook transfer and lots more. This environmentally friendly hands-free gadget enables users to enjoy the functionality of a mobile phone safely and legally while driving. These are some of the many features you can enjoy from the simple three button design (volume up, volume down, and answer/hang up) and automatic mobile phone pairing solCHAT solar powered Bluetooth speakerphone device.
Another unique feature of the solCHAT is that it is designed to be the ultimate in ‘Eco-mobility’. It features an integrated solar panel to soak up the sunlight. Being able to store the energy within its internal Lithium-ion battery for up to a year means the solCHAT is always charged and ready for use, even charging on overcast and cloudy days. The speakerphone also comes with a backup USB charging cable and car adaptor for charging at night. Ultra portable and only 3.5” x 2” x 0.5”, the solCHAT sits comfortably on a windscreen or sun visor for easy operation and solar charging. You can even use it indoors if you want all your callers to be announced to you before you answer any call!
Scosche Industries innovators of iPod and iPhone accessories, have created this gadget to eliminate the need for inbuilt car kits and suited to those who prefer not to use a Bluetooth headset. Kas Alves, Executive Vice President, Scosche Industries comments: “Motorists who use hand-held mobile phones while driving can face a fixed penalty fine of £60 and three points added to their license. The solCHAT solves this problem and helps users lower their impact on the environment at the same time.”
The solCHAT which retails for £59.99 includes a windshield suction cup mount and sun visor clip and is available from www.eoutlet.co.uk.
For more information about solCHAT and other innovative Scosche products please visit www.scosche.com.

Our tried and tested verdict: Highly recommended
The solCHAT is so easy to set up and use. It is small, light and very practical. While it is a handy gadget, managing your privacy during conversations in the presence of other passengers in the car, is a choice between answering a call in full loud speaker mode or rejecting a call after the caller ID has been announced. Whatever you choose to do, this is a very 'cool' gadget to have in or outside the car!

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