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Mouthwatering Recipes from Fruisana

Fruisana is a leading brand of fruit sugar or fructose, found naturally in most fruits and honey. Fruisana tastes the same as ordinary sugar. However, it is sweeter, so you need up to 33% less!

Fruisana strawberry cheese cake with pink peppercorn sauce
Strawberry Cheesecake with Pink Peppercorn Sauce
Strawberries are the very essence of a British summer. Wimbledon wouldn’t be quite the same if there were no strawberries. However, sometimes you can have just too much of a good thing, so after a while we look for innovative ways of serving our crop of fresh strawberries.

Well, look no further, this delicious and simple cheesecake from the Fruisana Kitchen captures the very best of the flavour of the strawberries……with an unusual twist – a pink peppercorn sauce! In the same way that chilli adds “length” to the flavour of chocolate, rather than heat, so too does the peppercorn, with the Fruisana, help to bring out the fullness of flavour in the strawberries. Mmmn, this is sure to become a firm family favourite! discover the experience

Pear & Almond Tart
Using Fruisana Fruit Sugar in your recipes ensures that the maximum flavour is extracted from your fruit. Home grown pears are one of the most under-rated fruits – they are so versatile and their delicious texture can add interest to so many dishes – sweet and savoury - experience it

pear and almond tart made with Fruisana

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Mouthwatering recipes from Fruisana
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