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Face to face with Chef Rafi Ben-Hemo at the Ein Gedi Botanical Gardens and Resort, Dead Sea – Israel

Chef Rafi Ben Hemo at Ein Gedi in the Dead Sea, Israel
Chef Rafi spent some two years of his career in Jerusalem before arriving in Ein Gedi to share his skill at the Kibbutz Botanical Resort. The Kibbutz Ein-Gedi was established in 1956 near Arugot Canyon, and was relocated in a nearby hill in 1959. Now it has a population of about 500 members and residents. The resort has lovely chalet-style bedrooms host great garden lunches. Chef Rafi lives about an hour away from the resort and works about 12 hours a day starting at 6am and sometimes serves up to 200 guests at a time.

Executive Traveller talks to Rafi during a Garden event:
ET: What sort of food can one expect to eat at Ein Gedi?
Rafi: Apart from Middle Eastern food, we cater for food from all over the world.

ET: What is greatest food passion?
Rafi: I love meat specialities, grills, especially Argentinean and Mexican grills.

ET: What is the most important thing to you?
Rafi: My family, particularly my beautiful and three children

ET: If you were going to be stuck on a desert island what will you take with you?
Rafi: Oh definitely, a beautiful girl – joke- My wife of course!

ET: What do you love most about Ein Gedi and Kibbutz?
Rafi: The people are special, the place is ideal and I simply love it.

Guests enjoying some of Rafi's delights at an Ein Gedi Garden Party
Guests enjoying some of Rafi's delights at an Ein Gedi Garden Party

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The minimal Nordic cuisine called Gourmet
Destination - Copenhagen
Mission - to combine food experience with meetings and incentives.
Lately, Copenhagen restaurants have been earning stars and stripes from the French Michelin Guide, awarding them a total of twelve stars! The city is more endowed with Michelin stars than Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Milan, and Vienna. Let’s face it, food is not something anyone can ignore during a trip and certainly not when you organise meetings and incentives for groups. Read more

Phil Croziers perfect wine matching to Ceviche

Pink by Yellowglen

Pink by Yellowglen – the ideal alternative to champagne
Chill this Australian sparkling rosé wine by Yellowglen, serve it in a classy flute and you are sure to make an impression with your guests. The blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Shiraz grapes sourced from vineyards in South-Eastern Australia creates a wonderful tasting sensation leaving a delicate drop of berry in your mouth.
You do not have to break the bank to score a few points with Pink because it is readily available in Sainsbury’s and Asda at £6.99. The wine is beautifully presented in a champagne style and corked as such.

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