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How to eat well in North Devon
Going loco with Tapas at Lilico’s in Barnstaple

They have been celebrating an offer of any 6 tapas dishes plus a bottle of Portuguese wine for £30 at Lilico’s in the Square in Barnstaple and they certainly have something to shout about.

The well-managed husband, wife and sister-in-law team is led by Wanda Yeo, have successfully brought home the long standing Navarre Spanish tradition of pinchos and tapas. The Spanish tradition involves bar-hopping with small drinks (chiquitos) of wine and banderillas (bite-sized food on a cocktail stick – named after the barbed darts used during the bullfight). The difference with Lilico’s is that it is not in Spain and hopping takes place between the busy lounge bar and relaxed restaurant serving 30 covers.

The name Lilico is an old family name which Wanda and Chris have stuck to, hoping that it will endorse the Mediterranean atmosphere they have worked so hard at creating. One cannot help but admire Chris and Wanda when you meet them. Passionate, experienced and self-trained Wanda, especially wears a confident smile which tells you that she enjoys cooking all the very tasty food that arrives from the kitchen in sequence to your table. For Wanda, the concept of a Mediterranean tapas bar all started with her love for food from around the world, her passion for cooking and the delight that her guests have enjoyed her meals.

The entire Mediterranean selection also include, seafood platters, pimientos de pardon, spicy chorizos, homemade meatballs, sliced Spanish “Serrano” ham drizzled with olive oil and served with bread, just to name a few.
The Service
At Lilico’s they keep the Spanish tradition of sharing and cook all their dishes to order. This means that every tapa arrives at your table piping hot as soon as you have finished the preceding choice. An ideal experience will be to start the evening with a glass of champagne or classic cocktail before you wander down into the basement to be pampered at your table with good food.
And then, if the whole tapas experience is not enough, you can simply return to the Lounge Bar, sink into their leather sofas and enjoy a

specialty coffee and cake from their patisserie while listening to live jazz, blues, acoustic sets or DJs; and if you really like to be seen about town, then the bar is bright, spacious and overlooks Square and Longbridge and serves a good light brunch.

Tried and tested verdict: Highly recommend. Whatever you choose from the comprehensive menu of tapas to share is tasty. It includes both Spanish and English choices, but do not exclude the paella at £4.95 which is so tasty that you might just go wild and order the large one served with bread and dips at £14.95.
Lilicos’s Tapas Lounge & Bar
Bridge Buildings
The Square
EX32 8LS
Tel: 01271 372933

Map: Locate it here

Food hours are 11.00 to 2.30pm and 5.00 to 9.30pm, Monday to Thursday and all day Friday and Saturday. Lilicos closes every weekday at 2:30pm and re-opens at 5:30pm Last orders: at 9.30pm.

Traditionally English with Fish, chips and mushy peas at Squires!

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Traditionally English with Fish, chips and mushy peas at Squires!


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