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Dishoom- A Bombay Café in London

Dishoom taps on the old Irani “Cafes of Bombay” concept where all are welcome; rich businessmen, sweaty taxi-wallas and courting couples. This is the restaurant where fans turn slowly and Brentwood chairs are reflected in stained mirrors next to sepia family portraits. This is also the place where students have breakfast, families dine and writers find their characters. It is therefore not surprising that when we visited Dishoom in St Martin’s Courtyard, many were queuing for a table while the restaurant was filled with happy diners.

The restaurant’s busy basement bar is the base for diners waiting to be seated while barmen delight them with a selection of cocktails.

Haleem – a slow-cooked delicacy served at Dishoom

Above all, this is where we discovered Haleem – a slow-cooked delicacy. Haleem, a celebratory delicacy of Arab origin has been served for centuries in the royal palaces of Saudi Arabia.

The story goes that it was first introduced to the Hyderabadi State in India by the Nizam rulers. They were known for eating a variety of rich foods, as their cooks used to prepare a variety of aromatic delicacies such as biryani, kababs and of course, haleem. It then slowly gained in popularity among the Hyderabadi community. Even today Hyderabad is famous for selling its ‘Hyderabadi Haleem’ – which has recognised geographical indication status – at places such as Pista House. They’re known for exporting internationally to places such as Dubai, and it’s not uncommon for Bollywood types to place an order when the craving hits them.

The cooking process of Haleem is very lengthy. It takes about 8 hours. Wheat, lamb and lentils are simmered with precise quantities of coriander, turmeric, cumin and many other aromatic spices. Then the ingredients are pounded to intertwine and infuse the spices, release the flavour, and create a thick, smooth texture, almost a savoury porridge. Ginger, fried onions and chillies provide a certain crunch and texture that compliments the consistency. Haleem is served with sesame-onion seed naan – aap ko pasand aiye ga.

Slow-cooked Rajma-Chawal served at Dishoom

Dishoom is not all about Haleem. The restaurant serves real value-for-money dishes and has a wide selection of food and drink including a creative breakfast selection. Other slow-cooked meals such Biryani and the Rajma-Chawal. Dining at Dishoom is a must if you are visiting London’s theatre base. Reservations are necessary though as the restaurant is very popular.

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