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A Travel Retail Exclusive!!!


The guys at Southern Comfort have launched a brand new flavour – Southern Comfort Blood Orange!

As Southern Comfort’s first Global Travel Retail exclusive flavour, Southern Comfort Blood Orange becomes available at World Duty Free we are pleased to share some serving suggestions.

The unique blend of Southern Comfort flavours combined with a hint of blood orange citrus is the perfect drink for sun-soaked summer vacations. So Grab an Orange by the Bottle and enjoy a Southern Comfort Blood Orange while you sit back and catch some rays by the pool.

All you need to do now is book that vacation and make a detour via duty free outlets to try some of our serving suggestions:


Blood Orange Old Fashioned 
35ml Blood Orange Comfort
2 Peach wedges
1 Cherry
25ml soda water

Muddle peach wedges and cherry in bottom of a shaker. Add Blood Orange Comfort, shake to mix, transfer to serving glass and top with soda.

Blood Orange Fizz
35ml Blood Orange Comfort
15ml lemon juice
100ml soda water
4 mint leaves
Rub mint leaves inside a shaker and drop in the bottom of the shaker. Add ice, and balance of ingredients. Roll to mix and transfer to a serving glass

Southern Comfort Blood Orange is available in 1 litre bottles 27.5% abc and available at travel retail outlets.

To find out more and to join the comfortable, go to or visit

Stay Comfortable. Drink Responsibly - For the facts.

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