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Top tips on how to pack your bags:
Airlines are now very strict with luggage. If any piece of baggage weighs more than 23kg, customers will be asked to repack their baggage and if necessary purchase an additional bag tag. Any item that is unable to be reduced in weight (e.g. large dogs or heavy equipment that cannot be separated) will be subject to an overweight charge.
• In addition to other allowances, baby strollers and car seats are permitted free of charge, when travelling with an infant or child.
• Medical/life equipment as well as a maximum of two wheel chairs are carried free when accompanied by the person who requires them.
• Separately bagged sports equipment counts as one piece.
• If travellers are on a domestic flight as part of an international ticket, then the international checked baggage allowance applies.
• Baggage over 32kgs will not be accepted

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Fly mid-week
Book your flights midweek; it is not only cheaper to fly Wednesday to Wednesday than over the weekend, it is also cheaper to book during the week. Most airlines bump their prices up at the weekends because they know this is when most people have the time to research and book holidays. Come Monday, booking prices drop again.
Choose your budget carrier wisely
You might be able to find a £1 return fare with the low-budget carrier Ryanair, but make sure you maximise it by using the right card to pay. Most credit cards will incur a payment handling fee of £5, and that's per person, per one-way flight! If you are travelling as a family, that ultra-cheap flight can come to seem less of a bargain.

Also, most budget airlines do charge for carry on or checked in baggage; weigh the pros and the cons to see if it is not better to simply go with a standard airline.

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