Planning your road trip: It's all about the Journey  

The great thing about travelling by road is the number of different places you pass through on your journey. There is a lot to experience before you actually reach your destination. Nevertheless, the whole experience is centered on planning.

It starts with the excitement of knowing your final destination and then you have to decide on whether it is going to be a business trip, a family trip or a holiday with friends. Nevertheless, if you have to go it alone, do not do so without your music. Music helps make the journey easier. There’s nothing like flying down the road listening to great music. One essential item to do before hitting the road - if you love music as much as I do - is to select your songs and create a "soundtrack" for your journey by either burning CD’s or loading an MP3/iPod player. You’ll enjoy your road trip more and every song will bring back memories of your adventure long after it’s ended. Listen to it on a GRIFFIN Travel Speaker System and you are in for the real deal.

There are a lot of costs to be considered when travelling by road trip. If the journey is long, you will have to budget for things like food that you will consume along the journey, fuel, and incidental hotel expenses if the unexpected happens to force you to break the journey.

Before you start the journey
• Get roadside assistance coverage if you don't already have it. You'll be so happy to have it if trouble strikes! Plus, you'll get discounts on some hotels - just ask when you book.
• Get an oil change and have your car checked out (including the tires).
• Get any repairs needed done now!
• Make sure your spare tire is in excellent shape and you have a jack/etc. to change it.
• Make sure your for a road-side emergency kit with flares, jumper cables, and the works are complete.
• Finally, get a first aid kit for the car if you don't have one already.

Know where you are going
It is not fun getting lost but the objective is not so much how to get there quickly but all the things that you can see and enjoy along the way. Why take the motorway when you could use the side roads and admire the farms or little towns that you drive through. If you are planning your journey with a GPS plan it with options and take advantage of all the choices that your gadget offers you. If however, you are traditional and like to use a map, take note of everything that you can find on the map. GPS’s have been known to take you to the wrong destinations so we recommend that you still buy a map as a back up even if you have a GPS.

Drive sensibly
Check the traffic news and plan your hotels along your route, never doing more than 6 hours of driving a day. This will leave you plenty of time to stop for meals and to see your selected sights, not to mention you won’t be miserably tired of driving!, Try to stick to driving two days, and then taking a day off from driving at an interesting sight/town before getting back on the road. This really helps make the trip more enjoyable.

If you are mixing business with leisure, drop into a road-side business centre to do business. It is totally unsafe to drive and use your phone the entire time even if it hands free.

If you have not done a road trip yet – plan and try one with friends or family. It can be great fun.

Have a safe time driving out there.

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